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    Try to stay quiet 1 Minute.
    Visit this page:
    - Surely you will succeed :) .
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    Rejoice, Be Happy

    Your most precious wealth, no one can take it from you,
    You can give and share without decreasing;
    You are always, yourself,...

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    When you show the moon to a dog, the dog looks to the finger that points to the moon.
    You can make the same with your thoughts. When a thought tell...
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    After I read spirituality books, and especially the Course in Miracles, I understand that all I need is to Observe myself, and everything around me,...

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    One Minute Wisdom is a book written by Anthony de Mello with various anecdotes and short religious and spiritual stories.

    - You can download and...
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    - I have no idea of what tomorrow will bring, so I wish to prepare for it.
    - You fear tomorrow; --not realizing that yesterday is just...

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    If Life is like music, Both are beautiful when they are governed more by feelings and instincts than by rules.

    - Want to say the truth ?! Be...
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    Do not see in the other what you do not want to see in yourself, because what you see in the other you manifest in yourself (in your own mind)....

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    The Narrow Path
    God warned the people of an earthquake that would swallow up the waters of the land. The water that replaced them would make...
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    There is a story of a monk living in the Egyptian desert who was so tormented by temptation that he could bear it no longer. So he decided to abandon...

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    Sir professor, people say that the world will end soon. So, why to keep doing my homework?
    - Son, you are right. No need to keep doing them; You...
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    - Mummy, I want a baby brother.
    - But you’ve just got one.
    - I want another.
    - Well, you can't have one so soon. It takes time to produce a baby...

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    What is love with most of us? When we say we love somebody, what do we mean? We mean we possess that person. From that possession arises jealousy,...

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    The Power of Positive Thinking is a self-help book by Norman Vincent Peale . It makes use of positive case histories and practical instructions to...

  9. The Truth Is 968 0

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    The Truth Is - a collection of discourses, from I990 to 1996, between Poonja and his visitors, is highly regarded by members of all spiritual...

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    Living Skillfully,
    if you know it, play in the lila.
    Inside abide alone and yet play in the lila outside.
    Manifestation is a play,
    Never forget...
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    Essence of Skillfulness
    Whatever comes let it come,
    what stays let stay, what goes let go,
    always keep Quiet, and always adore Self.
    this is the...

  11. On Easter day 1069 0

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    On Easter day the father comes to his son and says:
    - Christ is Risen!
    The child asks:
    - Where is he?
    Enlightened, his father says:
    - In the...

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    The Path of Prosperity (by James Allen ) is a forerunning ebook on the power of positive thinking. With the teachings from this ebook you will learn...

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    In this short work, James Allen examines how a person’s thoughts a ect every aspect of his life. All achievements, whether in the business,...

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    A conqueror king, but also a knowledge-loving, goes to an ascetic that lives simple a solitary and quiet life into a cave.
    The king said to him...

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    - Way you ask? asked the one asked.
    - To make a beginning.
    - Beginning to what?
    - To the ending.
    • Nonsensical vistas from a wandering mind...
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    When I close my eyes and I watch, I see that I not see.
    When I open my eyes and I look, I no more see that I not see.
    Wonder who is the blind one,...

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    The road of life seems to go straight
    but in fact we find ourselves in a circle
    and the eye of our mind keeps to lie us
    Telling that we still go...
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    Nop, I only translated it from romanian.
    But I'm glad you liked it.

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    Awake-The Life of Yogananda is an unconventional biography about an Indian Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s. This...
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    I tried meditation, but I simply can't focus and clear my mind

  18. About Prayer 837 1

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    Question : From the time I was a little girl, I was raised as a Catholic. I went completely full circle to denying God, not believing in God. And...
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    Inspirational Story

    It is often in our workplaces that we get the most priceless opportunities to practice the teachings of Eckhart Tolle - but...

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    Here I post 38 poems from the book: The Gifts of God ; a collection of poems written by Dr. Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles ....
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    The Singing Reed
    My eyes would look upon the Son of God.
    For this I came; to overlook the world,
    And seeing it forgiven, understand
    Its holiness...

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    The book: You the Healer ( by Jose Silva ) offers a guide with theoretical and practical teachings that can help you and your loved ones to live a...

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    A wonderful book of Andrew Murray on divine healing by faith in Jesus Christ. Healing is the will of God for today. It is God's will that his...

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    I understood this book as a book about Christianity and spiritual healing through Christ; of something which in truth can not ever be ill.


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    In his first message I would venture to share with you a selection of my favorite quotes:

    Satire - a kind of mirror in which everyone...

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    Some messages and advices from the disease's country, about: How you can be always a healthy disease .

    For eye diseases :
    To be some healthy eye...

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    Give to Caesar what is of Caesar and to God the things of God.
    - Which are the things of God?
    - What isn't of God ?!
    Everything belongs to God, so...
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    Jesus said again: Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?
    Jesus asked 3 times Simon (Peter): Do you love me? , And every time Simon answered, Yes Lord,...