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If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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From wisdom

From Hindu wisdom

- The first law says:
"The people you meet are the right people". - In other words, no one enters our lives by chance; all the people we interact with are with us for a reason, to help us learn the life lessons that arise and to continue on our personal path.

- The second law says:
"What is happening to us is the only thing that could happen to us". - Nothing, absolutely nothing that happens in our lives could have happened otherwise (not even the most insignificant detail). There is no such thing as "if I had done this thing ... another thing would have happened ..." NO. Each and every one of the situations that occur are perfect, although our minds do not accept them.

- The third law says:
"Every moment you start is the right time". - It all starts at the right time, neither before nor after; when we are ready for something new to appear in our lives, just then it appears (begins).

- The fourth law says:
"When something ends, it ends". - If something has ended in our life, it is for our own evolution, so it is best to close the chapter and move forward enriched with that experience.

I don't think it's a coincidence that you're reading these lines now; this text reaches you today because you are ready to understand that
"no one snowflake ever falls in the wrong place".

Many believe in something, in a God, but in a limiting, dogmatic way, imposed or induced by education, believing that the fear of Him is "the way that leads to salvation."

Jesus preached about love, forgiveness, generosity, unconditional help. These attributes, by definition, nullify fear, dispel it.

Fear makes you small! Love rises you!

Little and much.
Darkness and light.
Thought and Spirit.

In equilibrium.

Yin-yang in equilibrium

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