∼ Gandul si ideea zilei:

Mai bine mai tarziu decat niciodata.

Un cuvant intelept poate ajuta mai mult decat un teanc de bani.

∼ Thought and idea of the day:

Better late than never.

A wise word can help more than a pile of money.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which HTML5 tag is indicated to be used as container for menu with navigation links in Web site?
<section> <nav> <article>
 <li><a href="http://coursesweb.net/css/" title="CSS Course">CSS Course</a></li>
 <li><a href="http://www.marplo.net/jocuri/" title="Flash Games">Flash Games</a></li>
Which CSS property shifts an item horizontally to the left or right of where it was?
text-align clear float
.some_class {
  width: 30%;
  float: left;
Click on the Math object method which returns x, rounded downwards to the nearest integer.
Math.ceil(x) Math.abs(x) Math.floor(x)
var num = 12.34567;
num = Math.floor(num);
alert(num);       // 12
Indicate the PHP function which returns the number of characters in string.
mb_strlen() count() stristr()
$str = "string with utf-8 chars åèö";
$nrchr = mb_strlen($str);
echo $nrchr;        // 30

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The language used to create web pages.

Learn HTML
Example HTML
HTML code


The language used for web pages design.

Learn CSS
Example CSS
CSS code


Add interactivity and effects to webpages.

JavaScript Node.js
Example JavaScript code
JavaScript code


Creates dynamic and interactive webpages with data from database.

PHP - MySQL Course PHP Laravel
PHP Code
PHP code


Calls in JavaScript PHP scripts from server.

Ajax Course
Example Ajax function
Ajax code
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