∼ Gandul si ideea zilei:

Religia si stiinta sunt ale lumii, credinta si spiritualitatea sunt deasupra lumii.

Pentru a invia trebuie intai sa mori; pentru a te trezi trebuie ca dormi.

∼ Thought and idea of the day:

Religion and science are of the world, faith and spirituality are above the world.

To be raised must first die; to awaken must sleep.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which attribute specifies the URL address where to send the form-data?
method action name
<form action="script.php" method="post"> ... </form>
Which CSS property can be used to break lines in the middle of words?
word-wrap line-height font-size
#id {
  width: 100px;
  word-wrap: break-word;
Which function sorts the elements of an array into alphabetical order, based on the string values?
pop() sort() shift()
var tutorials = ["php", "html", "css", "flash"];
alert(tutorials[0]);          // css
Indicate the function that returns the value of the last element into an array.
current() next() end()
$code =[10=>"Perl", 20=>"PHP", 21=>"Python", 30=>"JavaScript");
$last = end($code);
echo $last;      // JavaScript

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