∼ Gandul si ideea zilei:

Gandurile si starile omului sunt schimbatoare ca vantul si valurile.

Nu-i nimic daca te lasi dus de val, doar sa fii atent sa vezi unde te duce.

∼ Thought and idea of the day:

The human thoughts and moods are changeable like the wind and the waves.

Doesn`t matter if you let yourself get carried away, just be watchful to see where it goes you.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which attribute is used in <a> tag for the address of the link?
src href rel
<a href="http://coursesweb.net/" title="CoursesWeb.net">CoursesWeb.net</a>
Which CSS property sets the type of the text font?
font-family text-decoration font-size
h2 {
What instruction selects all the <div> tags with class="cls"?
querySelector("div.cls") getElementsByTagName("div") querySelectorAll("div.cls")
var elm_list = document.querySelectorAll("div.cls");
var nr_elms = elm_list.length;       // number of selected items
Indicate the function that can be used to get the sum of values in an array.
array_sum() array_diff() array_shift()
$arr =[1, 2, 3, 4);
$arr_sum = array_sum($arr);
echo $arr_sum;       // 10

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