Simple exercises with quiestions and answer to test your web programming knowledge.
You can choose consecutive or random quizzes, optional with countdown timer.

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- Choose the set of questions from the "Trivia Category".
- Click the Start button to start the quizzes.
-The Reset button resets the Trivia.

  • Level 1 - Easy - It is displayed a list of answers to each quiz. Click the correct answer.
  • Level 2 - Difficult - You write the answer into a text field, then click on Send button. The last letter from the possible answers is deleted.
  • Consecutive - The quiestions start from the quiz with index number added into a text field, and are added in their order till the last quiz.
  • Random - The quizzes are choosed randomly, till the last quiz, without repeat.
- Countdown Timer - If that button is checked, you have 15 seconds to answer till the correct answer is added automatically.
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