AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.
Ajax is based on JavaScript language, besides it uses HTML, CSS and a language for the server-side (like PHP or ASP).
The AJAX lessons in this course are free and best suited for beginners, it offers the necessary elements to learn Ajax and work with it. But you need to know, at least at a beginner level, PHP and JavaScript.

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Ajax Lessons

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag is used to add lists into <ul> and <ol> elements?
<dt> <dd> <li>
Which value of the "display" property creates a block box for the content and ads a bullet marker?
block list-item inline-block
.some_class {
  display: list-item;
Which instruction converts a JavaScript object into a JSON string.
JSON.parse() JSON.stringify eval()
var obj = {
 "courses": ["php", "javascript", "ajax"]
var jsonstr = JSON.stringify(obj);
alert(jsonstr);    // {"courses":["php","javascript","ajax"]}
Indicate the PHP class used to work with HTML and XML content in PHP.
stdClass PDO DOMDocument
$strhtml = '<body><div id="dv1">CoursesWeb.net</div></body>';
$dochtml = new DOMDocument();
$elm = $dochtml->getElementById("dv1");
echo $elm->nodeValue;    // CoursesWeb.net
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