The knowledge of HTML is the most important step for those who want to build quality web pages.
- Here you will find tutorials, online lessons, examples, courses and resources that teach you HTML.
The HTML lessons in this course are free and are best suited for beginners in web development, who want to learn how to create Web pages manually, using the HTML language.

HTML Lessons

- Useful questions and answers on Forum HTML - CSS.

Daily Test with Code Example

Click on the tag that creates an ordered list
<ul> <tr> <ol>
Which selector represents the ID of an element in CSS
.name #name name
#id {
  color: #0110fb;
What statement creates an object in JavaScript?
{} [] new Date()
var obj = {"site": "", "pr": 5};
Indicate the instruction used to evaluate if a condiition is True or False
else if() switch()
$var = 8;
if($var == 8) echo $var;
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