1. » JanMolendijk
    If Coursesweb have better advice I will follow ?

    I`ve decided to continue tinkering with Program O although it is quite outdated. Meight there are...
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    Marplo, thanks for the support, it is working now.

  2. » WillATT
    Hi all,

    First of all, thank you to this community for giving life to a wonderful place to share & learn about HTML & CSS.

    I would like...
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    Hi MarPlo,

    thank you!! That works perfectly. I notice that you also changed the width and height to be 500px instead of the 100% that I had in my...

  3. » Marconist
    Hi members I'm looking for the script for a link <href> to another URL.

    I give part of my text and the link as it is now on my page:

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    In your case, put both the text and the link inside the <p> tag.

    <p>and there where useful, supplemented with comments, tips...

  4. » Marius
    Is there a possibility to hide HTML elements if the 'data-' attribute contains a specific piece of text?
    For example: Hide the Divs that it's data...
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can do this with either CSS or Javascript.


    /* with specified elements */
    div {
    display: none;

    /* or global */
    display: none;...

  5. » Marius
    I have a Div that I want to rotate from 0 to 90 stop 2s, then continue from 90 to 180 then stop 2s .., to the 360 degrees.
    Any idea of how can I add...
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can do that with CSS animations transform: rotate() , like in the example below.
    Set the rotation time to 12 seconds and start the 4 'transform'...

  6. » Marius
    I have designed a html page, but in option tag I have set disabled= true , still it is not disabling the option.

    Things I have tried:

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    The attribute disabled sets without value (without ='true' ). You need just add this attribute into the options you want disabled.


  7. » JanMolendijk
    For weeks i`m buissy with responsive columns, to find out how i can improve it.
    First i check for myself, because i do not want to bother you too...
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    I almost did not slept for few day`s... & Finaly i found something i share it for the other visitors.
    I gonna use flexbox to show data into...

  8. » JanMolendijk
    I want to moderate my textboxes with icons
    for this i have this script but i can`t place 3 icons
    meight you could support me... how to do...
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    I found an answer to work with classes

  9. » mlucicom
    On the page the navbar doesn't have opacity 0 . Can You tell me how can i edit this please ?
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    Sorry, I not know bootstrap.
    I can try to help if you post the html and css code with the opacity you have set for that navbar.

  10. » niceman
    I would like to know where on my page to paste ads from google it display in this place:

    IMG (Is so big, so i don't use img tag):...
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    Thanks for an explanation and details)

  11. » mluci12
    Hello! i have this page ( All words are written in uppercase.How can i edit this ?
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    Where in that page are all the words in uppercase (put a screenshot, or copy-paste that text), because I saw in that page normal text, with...

  12. » mluci12
    I have this code
    <section class= b-search >
    <div class= container >
    <h1 class= wow zoomInUp data-wow-delay= 0.3s >UNSURE WHICH...
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    Those elements are set display:inline; , but the problem is from their width . They have set: width:33.3% but there are 4 elements, so, put width:24%...

  13. » mluci12
    Look at .The scroll up burton don't view. He is behind.Why?
    This is the css code:
    /* BackToTop button css */
    #scroll {...
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    It is not viewed because it has display:none; . Delete the display:none; from html and css; and add: z-index:9999; in css to #scroll.

  14. » mluci12
    Hello! How can i create a button like scroll up to redirect to a html page when is clicked.
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    What did you try? What code you have?
    I think you can make that button a simple <a> link:
    <a href= page.html id= btnid title= Some...

  15. » mluci12
    How can i block this form sending if user not select option?
    <form method= GET action= search.php >
    <select name= Type >
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    Try with the required attribute in the form element you want to be required.
    <form method= GET action= search.php >

  16. » PloMar
    I have 3 strings (with different sizes) next to each other on the same line.

    Some Big text Here Middle text Other string, smaller

    How can I...
    Last post » MarPlo
    By setting vertical-align and line-height , you can center vertically the strings on the same line.
    .text_line {...

  17. » PloMar
    I have these four Divs:
    <div class= dv1 >DIV 1</div>
    <div class= dv2 >DIV 2</div>
    <div class= dv3 >DIV 3</div>...
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    Try changing the order of the HTML and use the css code from this example:
    .dv1 {

  18. » PloMar
    I have the following html code. I try to center vertically a text next to an image, both into a Div.
    <img src= image.jpg...
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    Try to add vertical-align: middle; to both elements; <img> and text.
    And, if you want to have multiple lines of text centered vertically...

  19. » PloMar
    I have two DIVs inside a container. Like this:
    <div class= container >
    <div id= dv1 >Div 1</div>
    <div id= dv2 >Div...
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can try the code from this example (using text-align: center; on .container, and display: inline-block; for children divs).

  20. » PloMar
    I have a text and an input field in a table cell. The column with that cell has fixed max-width (150px), the problem is that the text exceeds the...
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    Set in css the dimensions for the table and its columns, and define the width of the elements which are in the table cell to be less than the column...

  21. » PloMar
    I have a Div and a Button that uses JavaScript to alternate the class of the Div to hide and show . The hide class has display:none; to hide the Div...
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    The display: none; and display: block; are executed instantly, from what I know, you cannot animate them with only CSS. But to achieve the animation...

  22. » PloMar
    I'm using placeholders for input fields which is working out just fine. But I'd like to use a placeholder for select options list as well.
    Of course...
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    Add the disabled and selected attributes in the first <option> used as placeholder.
    - disabled : stops the Option being selected with both...

  23. » PloMar
    I have an input element with placeholder attribute, like this:
    <input type= text name= yname placeholder= Some text />
    How can i change the...
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    This will style all input and textarea placeholders.
    - Note: Do not group these rules into a selector. Make a separate rule for every selector ....

  24. » MarPlo
    Is there a way to set thumbnail image on HTML5 video?
    I want to display some pictures before play. My code looks like this:
    <video width= 500...
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    Just add the poster= image.png attribute to the video tag.
    <video width= 500 height= 280 poster= your_image.png controls>
    <source src=...

  25. » MarPlo
    Is it possible to set same height as width (ratio 1:1) for a html element with dynamic /fluid width, using css?
    <div id= parent...
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    Simple and neet : use vw units (viewport units) for a responsive height/width according to the viewport width.
    In this example, CSS does 80% of the...