This course teaches you the basics of Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS as it's commonly abbreviated.
CSS is a simple standardized syntax that gives web designers extensive control over the presentation of their web pages and is an essential component of web design today.
All you need is a simple text editor such as Notepad and a web browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, which is free.

CSS Lessons

• Useful questions and answers on Forum HTML - CSS.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag can be used to create input text field in web page?
<form> <input> <div>
<input type="text" name="a_name" value="val" />
Which CSS property displays the text in a small-caps font?
display font-variant font-style
h3 {
  font-variant: small-caps;
What instruction displays a notice box with a message inside it, in JavaScript?
for() Date() alert()
var msg = "Visit";
Indicate the PHP code used to get the users IP.
echo $ip;
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