Javascript Course

Welcome to this JavaScript course.
JavaScript is ubiquitous on the World Wide Web. You can use JavaScript to make your Web pages more interactive, so that they react to a viewer's actions, and to give your Web pages some special visual effects.
JavaScript allows you to add additional features that a static HTML page can't provide without some script code.
The JavaScript lessons of this course are free and a good start for beginners, they offer the necessary elements to learn the JavaScript programming language and working with JS code.

• Useful questions and answers on Forum JavaScript -Ajax.

JavaScript Lessons

Daily Test with Code Example

What attribute makes a radio button or checkbox input selected?
checked="checked" selected="selected" disabled="disabled"
<input type="checkbox" name="a_name" value="value" checked="checked" />
What CSS value scales the background image to the largest size contained within the element?
repeat-x contain linear-gradient
#id {
What operator is used to determine the rest of the division of two numbers?
% * /
var rest8_7 = 8 % 7;
Indicate the PHP function that rounds a number up to the next highest integer.
floor() ceil() abs()
$nr = ceil(3.5);
echo $nr;        // 4
JavaScript Course - Free lessons

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