Welcome to this JavaScript course.
JavaScript is ubiquitous on the World Wide Web. You can use JavaScript to make your Web pages more interactive, so that they react to a viewer's actions, and to give your Web pages some special visual effects.
JavaScript allows you to add additional features that a static HTML page can't provide without some script code.
The JavaScript lessons of this course are free and a good start for beginners, they offer the necessary elements to learn the JavaScript programming language and working with JS code.

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JavaScript Lessons

Daily Test with Code Example

Which attribute specifies the HTTP method (GET, POST) used to submit the form-data?
action method value
<form action="script.php" method="post"> ... </form>
Which CSS property allows to add shadow to boxes?
background-image box-shadow border-radius
#id {
  background-color: #bbfeda;
  box-shadow: 11px 11px 5px #7878da;
Which function removes the first element from an array?
pop() push() shift()
var fruits = ["apple", "apricot", "banana"];
alert(fruits.length);           // 2
Indicate the function that can be used to check if a PHP extension is instaled.
function() filetype() extension_loaded()
if(extension_loaded("PDO") === true) echo "PDO is available."
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