The Global object has properties and methods at the highest level, without a parent object. This means the global properties and functions can be used with all the built-in JavaScript objects.

Properties of the Global object

Methods of the Global object

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag is used to add lists into <ul> and <ol> elements?
<dt> <dd> <li>
Which value of the "display" property creates a block box for the content and ads a bullet marker?
block list-item inline-block
.some_class {
  display: list-item;
Which instruction converts a JavaScript object into a JSON string.
JSON.parse() JSON.stringify eval()
var obj = {
 "courses": ["php", "javascript", "ajax"]
var jsonstr = JSON.stringify(obj);
alert(jsonstr);    // {"courses":["php","javascript","ajax"]}
Indicate the PHP class used to work with HTML and XML content in PHP.
stdClass PDO DOMDocument
$strhtml = '<body><div id="dv1"></div></body>';
$dochtml = new DOMDocument();
$elm = $dochtml->getElementById("dv1");
echo $elm->nodeValue;    //
Global Object

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