Simple arithmetic operations with numbers can be performed with specific operators: Subtraction (-), addition (+), multiplication (*), division (/) and modulo (%) the rest of the division. See the lesson from:

- Example, gets the sum of three numbers, then the rest of division with 3.
const n1 =2;
const n2 =9;

let sum_n = n1 +n2 +15; // 26

//rest of division with 3
let rest3 = sum_n %3; // 2

document.write('Sum (n1+n2+15) = '+sum_n+'<br>Rest of this sum divided by 3 is: '+rest3);

Numeric strings

Numeric strings (numbers added between quotes) cannot be used to perform correctly mathematical operations.
JavaScript uses the + operator for both addition and concatenation.
Numbers are added. Strings are concatenated

- Example, trying to add a numeric string to a number, it results a string with the numbers joined:
let n1 ='21';
let n2 =9;

let sum_n = n1 +n2; //219

document.write("Sum ('21'+ 9) ="+sum_n);

Before performing mathematical operations with numeric strings, they must be converted to Number.
The simplest way to convert a numeric string to Number is by: multiplying the string by 1, or with the Number() function.

- Example:
let n1 ='21';
let n2 =9;

n1 = n1*1; //converts to number
let sum_n = n1 +n2; //30

document.write('Sum (21+9) = '+sum_n);
The same example, with the Number() function:
let n1 ='21';
let n2 =9;

n1 = Number(n1); //converts to number
let sum_n = n1 +n2; //30

document.write('Sum of (21+9) = '+sum_n);

Functions for the Number object

Numbers without decimal are considered Integer, and the decimal numbers are considered Float.
The negative numbers are added with the minus sign (-).
Number object has some methods for numbers.

Number.isInteger(nr) - returns True if 'nr' is an Integer, otherwise, False.
var n1 = 90;
var n2 = -25;
var n3 = 90.23;
var n4 ='23';

console.log(Number.isInteger(n1)); // true 
console.log(Number.isInteger(n2)); // true
console.log(Number.isInteger(n3)); // false
console.log(Number.isInteger(n4)); // false
Number(sn) - converts a numeric string 'sn' to number. returns NaN (Not a Number) if the string is not numeric.
var n1 ='57.98';
var n2 ='23 str';

console.log(Number(n1)); // 57.98
console.log(Number(n2)); // NaN
parseFloat(sn) - parses an argument and returns a floating point number.
var nr ='13.56';
nr = parseFloat(nr); //number 13.56
var sum_n = nr +8.2;

document.write('- Suma: nr +8 = '+sum_n); //21.759999999999998
parseInt(sn) - parses a string argument and returns a string with an integer number.
var n1 ='25.89';
var n2 ='-34.8 23';

console.log(parseInt(n1)); // 25
console.log(parseInt(n2)); // -34
nr.toFixed(d) - returns a string representing the given number using fixed-point notation, with the specified number of decimals 'd'.
- This method is applied to numbers, not to 'numeric strings'.
var n1 = 92;
var n2 = -25.5689;
var n3 = 90.2378;

console.log(n1.toFixed(2)); // 92.00 
console.log(n2.toFixed(1)); // -25.6
console.log(n3.toFixed(2)); // 90.24
nr.toPrecision(n) - returns a string with the number from 'nr', having:
- for 'nr'>1, the specified length of digits 'n'.:
- for 'nr'<1, the specified length of decimals 'n'.
var n1 = 24;
var n2 = -3.23;
var n3 = 0.46;

console.log(n1.toPrecision(3)); // 24.0
console.log(n2.toFixed(1)); // -3.2
console.log(n3.toFixed(3)); // 0.460
nr.toString() - returns a string with the number from 'nr'.
var n1 = 12.5;
var sum_n = n1.toString() +3;
var ex2 = (12 + 9).toString();

console.log(sum_n); // 12.53
console.log(ex2); // 21

The Number() function with the Date object

The Number() applied with the Date object returns the number of milliseconds since 1.1.1970 till the time from the Date object.
var dt1 = new Date('2018-07-15');
var dt2 = new Date('2018-07-15 11:13:00');

console.log(Number(dt1)); // 1531612800000
console.log(Number(dt2)); // 1531642380000

Daily Test with Code Example

Which HTML element can be used to embed a SWF flash content?
<object> <div> <script>
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="file.swf" width="500" height="250">
 <param name="src" value="file.swf" />
 Your browser not support SWF.
Which CSS pseudo-class adds a style to an input form field that has keyboard input focus?
:active :focus :hover
input:focus {
  background-color: #88fe88;
Click on the instruction which converts a JSON string into a JavaScript object.
JSON.stringify(javascript_object) object.toString() JSON.parse(json_string)
var jsnstr = '{"url": "", "title": "Web Development Courses"}';
var obj = JSON.parse(jsnstr);
Indicate the PHP function which can be used to create or write a file on server.
fopen() file_put_contents() file_get_contents()
if (file_put_contents("file.txt", "content")) echo "The file was created";
else echo "The file can not be created";
Numbers in JavaScript

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