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  1. » Marius
    I'm trying to do this:
    - But instead, to search with multiple search words in two columns of the same...
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    Split the search string by space and filter the column for each word. Try this code in your JS script:

    function myFunction() {
    var src, input,...

  2. » JanMolendijk
    I`m almost their with my tag-system

    But my second question for today: I can`t find-out how to detect the names from this javascript.
    I can detect...
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    Yes, in that function.
    Then, see in browser console (F12) what data is displayed.

  3. » Admin
    The delPartUrl() function from the following JavaScript code can be used to delete part of query string from page url in browser, without affecting...

  4. » JanMolendijk
    I still don`t understand how I can get the results from a div into a text input form field ?

    <div id= div2 > Content </div>

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    Thanks Chief for all your support....
    My URL-extractor is working
    in the comment-system

  5. » JanMolendijk
    For day`s i`m busy to improve my comment system
    & no I`m ready to place a url extractor but I hope
    you can support me by this-one....

    I want...
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    It depends where you want to add the html content from javascript in the form, on the beginning, or at the end after other elements.
    Se the: 2....

  6. » JanMolendijk
    Sorry but I have something with the Vex-modal from:
    I get on Edge browser a complete height...
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    Thanks for the support I changed my website to something more simple
    so my home-server XAMPP can run better, my complex pages are not running well....

  7. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin, I`m searching for round 10 hours for a solution to track & store spending-time from a visitor on the website.

    I found a Ajax...
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    Maybe it is not working with onunload to execute ajax request when the user closes the page.
    Try the following code.

    - JavaScript:...

  8. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin I try to add two buttons in one off your scripts for opening via button
    but i cant find out what i`m doing wrong one is opening but...
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    There is no attribute id_1 . You can change the value of an atribute, but not its name.
    You can use the same js script for multiple buttons;...

  9. » Alecos
    I see an error in firefox when visit my page that contains your script. We are talking about the ajax script that allows the rating... try to install...
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    Thanks. I appreciate your efforts... Now all fine...

  10. » Marius
    I have this html code:
    <label><input type='checkbox' id='chb1' value='1' />Add text</label><br>
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    1. With javascript, register a 'click' event to the checkbox element.
    2. In the function called by that click event check if the checkbox is...

  11. » JanMolendijk
    Dear Admin I would love to use this script, but their is a problem with the first record in my sql-table (DESC)

    The first record (DESC) is not...
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    The php, javascript and html codes are wrong mixed.
    It is good to avoid mixing javascript code in php strings.
    - Try this:

  12. » JanMolendijk
    Dear Admin i Hope you understand my Question
    I would like to use your SimpleModal Windows script
    But into my notice-script the code where i wanna...
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    Dear Admin i just found they answer
    I have to put '. $row .' to the basic-modal, button & win_cnt...

    All things are working corectly now....

  13. » Marius
    How can I create a JavaScript DOM object out of string with HTML content?
    For example, i have this string which i get with ajax from...
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    You can use DOMParser() to create a #document from a string:
    var str ='abc 123<div id= test ></div><span class=...

  14. » Marius
    I have a JavaScript code that automatically adds some value in an input field.
    How can I detect when the value was added in input?
    If I use...
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    For input fields it is better to use the 'input' event.
    To emit and detect an event when some data is added automatically in input field,...

  15. » Marius
    Anyone know how to directly display in HTML an image with dynamic SRC, from external URL address, using JavaScript?
    To have in html something...
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    Try this code:
    <div id= dimg >Here add image</div>
    var dimg = document.getElementById('dimg');

    //receives the JPG...

  16. » Marius
    I have a jquery ajax function that is called every second, with setTimeout().
    I want an alert to pop up whenever a new message is received.
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    Try something like this, store the previous response into a variable, and alert the message if response changed:
    var msg_res =''; //store the...

  17. » mlucicom
    Hello! I have a form that insert results to database.
    Many users press this button several times until the confirmation message appears.
    How can i...
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    You can use onclick with:'none' , or:'hidden' ; will automatically hide the button, so, it will not be...

  18. » mlucicom
    Hello! I have this jquery script that get all checkboxes from a div and check all at button click:
    $( #check'.$id22.'...
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    To much code and i cannot test it because i not have the necessary database.
    Study better the example I have gave above, that it works.
    - If...

  19. » mlucicom
    Hello! On page:

    - i tried to add database details from sql select into a div with javascript.
    I have this php with...
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    I think I told you in other topic, The resulted sting in javascript must be on a single line, or each new line escaped with \ .

  20. » MarPlo
    How can I check if a Div is in viewport and detect when it exits viewport.
    Has anyone a code example or JS script that works in all...
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    Try the JavaScript script and example from this page:

    - It can be used to check if a html element is in viewport, and to get its size and...

  21. » MarPlo
    How can I get the position top, left of a html element in page, for example a Div or an image?
    Also, how to get the size of a specified Div:...
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    This function, getBoxPS(), can be used to get the position and size (in pixels) of html elements in page.
    It returns an object with four properties:...

  22. » JanMolendijk
    I have this textarea
    <textarea name= details rows= 5 cols= 50 class= form-control ></textarea>
    Now i have a page with all smilies &...
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    Admin you thought off everything great work
    i added it & is working thanks

  23. » mlucicom
    hello! I have this page:
    When i press submit button i get an alert() with parsererror .
    i test php code and work...
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    Maybe from functions.js , or ask the one who made the js scrips used in that page.

  24. » Marius
    How can I redirect the user from one page to another using jQuery?
    I saw both window.location = url; and window.location.href = url; How are they...
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    I think, it's better to use replace()

  25. » mluci12
    How can i get image who is choose on:
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    I not know. You can post what code you have tried and what is not working in that code.