local storage for speech is limited to round 30 words

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local storage for speech is limited to round 30 words

Pleasant Coursesweb,

The local storage for speech is limited to round 30 words.
But may also be limited to a number of characters ?

When I test it offline it is unlimited able to let speak textfor an whole day.

Under I have dropped an test-codewere I can not find the limit.
Please help me out

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<?php echo $daten; ?>
<?php echo date('d-m-Y'); ?> <?php echo date('d-m-Y'); ?> hhhh Text area with local storage
<textarea id=a style=resize:none oninput=localStorage.MolendijkTest=a.value>
 <?php echo  $row['post_user_name']?> wrote on: <?php echo  $row['post_date_date']?>  title: <?php echo  $row['title']?>  context: <?php echo  $row['post_text']?>
<br><button onClick=Molendijk.Speak(a.value)>Test Speech</button>


'use strict';

const Molendijk = parent.Molendijk;
const SystemReset=()=>
    if (!confirm('Are you sure?')) return;

// init variables
let shader, s, r = Date.now();

// load local storage text area
a.value = localStorage.MolendijkTest || a.value;

// main loop
const Loop=t=>
    // render shader if focused
    Molendijk.RenderShader(c, shader, t/1e3);

// create a simple shader
shader = Molendijk.CreateShader
    'void mainImage(out vec4 c,vec2 p){for(int i;++i<35;)c.xy=mat2(-c.g,c.r,c)*c.gr+((0.5-p/iResolution.y)*(1.1+sin(iTime))-.6);}'

// start the loop

I found out in Chrome browser the limit is at least lesser then in Edge browser with speech.
Don`t known maybe Edge have no limits incase ?
But I hope you have answers for me to get deleted those limits in speech.

I don't know if the limit is in code. I not understand that js code.
Anyway, try to modify the value of 35 in that piece of code:

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for(int i;++i<35;)
- If that doesn't work, I have no other idea.

Marplo thanks for the suport.... Strange in Edge browser
the speech is unlimited but Chrome has big limits in speech.

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