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  1. » rburcky
    Hello! Thanks for what looks to be ab AWESOME search script! I've run into a problem when installing the SSEP Search Script. I changed everything...
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    Thanks for your appreciations, I checked that line of code and the script is ok.
    The problem is that the server has a too old php version...

  2. » Alecos
    Hello! I'd like to inform that your web page doesn't load and the scripts are not downloadable...

    The web page of your site is:

    I attached a...
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    I always keep AdBlock active due to laziness and I think it keeps the rest of the planet active too ... but happy to hear that you have solved!...

  3. » Admin
    The renew with a new section dedicated to the users of this website.
    A discussion forum build on PhpBB platform, with a custom...
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    The games section from this website it was moved to a new domain:

  4. » Alecos
    Hello, a month ago I tried to answer the topic I had opened. But I was banned from your site. Cloudflare prevented me from accessing the forum and it...
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    Seems working fine now... Thanks you for your support!!!

    Have a nice & happy 2018!!!

    Alessandro Marinuzzi

    PS: cloudflare is too...

  5. » richardwbb
    Do you happen to have a e-mailinglist I would like to subscribe to forum posts.
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    You can also use a service that suscribes you to rss atom feed.
    - Rss for forum posts:
    - Rss for site articles:

  6. » Admin
    I tested a few advertising networks, as an alternative to google adsense . Here is what I tryed:

    1. Chitika - is very similar to Adsense. They...
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    After all I chosen to use: BidVertiser .
    BidVertiser pays you on both clicks and conversions; text ads, banner ads, pop-up, mobile ads and slider...

  7. » JanMolendijk
    Sorry i did not knewn how to contact you Admin, but i`m proud + Thankfull for all your help.
    I don`t known if you wanna have, a pressent for it back...
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    (update) In holland i made ALSO some commercial for CoursesWeb You really do great work

  8. » JanMolendijk
    I cant find any scripts tutorials & what-ever any more on this website.
    asking myself what is happening ?
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    Yes now it`s back again Great Work