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MPGal - a light, simple and easy to customize image gallery script created with pure JavaScript (7 KB only).
You not need to know or to add JavaScript code, just some html tags. And you can set multiple image galleries in the same page.
Page with examples and download link:

A new JS script added on site: ... ml-element
- With this script you can draw arrow markers between the clicks coordinates inside a html element. The arrow markers are created with SVG.

Another two JS scripts added on site:

1. ... cks-canvas
- With this script you can draw arrow markers between two clicks coordinates inside a canvas element. You can also get an image with the canvas content.

2. ... age-server
- An Ajax script that can be used to get canvas image and save it on server, in PNG format.

JavaScript code snippet to add a google map image in webpage, with the location generated with geolocation JS object. ... eolocation

A new version of the Ajax-PHP Chat Script -
- In this version the chat script can be included more easily, directly in the html document, and chat data can be saved in mysql database or in text files on server.

The book: The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz; in PDF and Audio (MP3) format:

Ajax with PHP and MySQL script to register and monitor clicks on html elements, including links and advertisements which open another page.
It can be used to track clicks on Google Adsense.
- Download link, Demo and Screenshoots in this page: ... licks-html

PhpSpreadsheet, a PHP library with a set of classes for reading and writing spreadsheet files, like Excel and LibreOffice Calc.
PhpSpreadsheet is the next version of PHPExcel. It can read and write: Open Document Format/OASIS (.ods), Office Open XML (.xlsx) Excel, BIFF 8 (.xls) Excel, HTML, CSV. Also, it can write PDF (using either the tcPDF, DomPDF or mPDF libraries), and charts.
- Download link and Demo code: ... fice-files

JpGraph, a PHP library with classes to create various type of Graph, Charts and Plots: spline curves, radar, line plots, pie, bars with gradients and 3D view, and other types.
It is easy to use, with a good documentation and many examples.
- Download link and code examples: ... -plots-php

Simple Admin Login PHP Script
An Admin Login script made with PHP, useful if you want to implement in your site a simple admin login system, without database.
The users are added manually by the Administrator, in the php code of this script. Possibility to add multiple admin-user accounts with a Rank number, to display content for loged Admin in your site according to its rank.
- Code and download link in this page: ... script-php

elmPosiz - Get position, size and visibility in viewport of HTML element
A JS script that gets some useful data of a HTML element in page, like: top and left position, width and height size, and percentage visible in viewport.
It can be used to detect when a Div, image or other html element is entering or exits viewport, also, to get its size and top/left position in page.
- Script page: ... wport-html

PHP Unzipper - Extract Zip, Rar Archives
PHP script that extracts .zip, .rar or .gz archives on webservers.
It detects .zip/.rar/.gz archives and let you choose which one to extract. It also supports creating Zip archives.
- Script page: