Flash Course

Welcome to Adobe Flash CS5 course, an online course that shows you how to work efficiently with Flash.
Flash is an application that can create and develop multimedia elements (audio, video), text content, graphic effects, animation and even games, mostly used for Web pages. Different interfaces and applications made with Flash are used for PDAs and mobile phones (like Flash Player).
The Flash course on this site is free and is aimed primarily at beginners, contains tutorials and introductory lessons for those who are beginning to learn how to create Flash documents.

Flash Lessons index

1. Introduction to Adobe Flash
      - A brief introduction about Adobe Flash, a technology used for developing multimedia content, user interfaces, and rich Internet applications.
2. Viewing the Flash Window
      - In this lesson are presented the two main windows of the Adobe Flash CS5 aplication.
3. Simple Flash animation, Save, Export
      - How to create a simple Flash animation in a few movements. Save, open and export Flash content in SWF format. Embedding the animation in a web page.
4. The Stage, Panels and Tools in Flash
      - Brief presentation of the stage, panels and other tools, Timeline, Layers, Library.
5. Merge Drawing and Object Drawing
      - Working with Merge Drawing and Object Drawing models.
6. Rectangle, Oval, Polygon - Star
      - Quick and easy drawing simple geometric shapes: rectangle, square, circle, oval, polygons, stars.
7. Line and Text
      - Tutorial about how to use the Line tool, and the Text tool for written TLF and Classic text in Adobe Flash.
8. Brush and Eraser
      - Using the brush, spray and eraser. Modes for working with brush and eraser.
9. Selection Tools
      - Understanding selections, working with Selection tools, Subselection, Free Transform, Lasso Tool.
10. Pencil and Pen Tools
      - Working with Pencil and Pen Tools.
11. Paint Bucket and Eyedropper
      - Using Paint Bucket, Ink Bottle and Eyedropper.
12. Deco Tool
      - Deco Tool description, decorative drawing effects, presentation and method of use.
13. Snap to Objects and Snap Align
      - Snap to Objects and Snap Align, helpful options to draw and align objects in Flash Stage.
14. Creating Custom Colors
      - Creating Custom Colors in Adobe Flash, add and save new colors in Color Palette, Swatches.
15. Creating Gradients
      - Creating and editing gradients, color effects, using Gradient Transform Tool.
16. Grouping elements in Stage
      - Creating Groups, grouping multiple elements in Stage, in a single object, ungroup.
17. Overlapping, Alignment and Rotation
      - Various options for arranging objects in the stage, overlapping, alignment, rotation.
18. Working with Symbols and their Instances
      - Working with Symbols in Flash, using symbols and their Instances.
19. Graphic Symbols
      - Creating Graphic Symbols, using graphic symbol and instances.
20. Movie Clip Symbols
      - Tutorial, Flash course, creating and using Movie Clip Symbols.
21. Button Symbols
      - Button Symbols, this lesson shows how to create a simple button in Flash.
22. Importing images
      - Add pictures in Flash document. Import images on stage and in the Library panel, optimization, compression images.
23. Animating in Flash - Frame-by-Frame Animation
      - Creating animations, frame types in the Timeline panel. Create a frame by frame animation.
24. Classic Tween - Animation
      - Classic Tween animation, frame properties.
25. Motion Tween - Animation
      - Creating Motion Tween animation, Editing path and frame tween properties.
26. Shape Tween - Animation
      - How to make shape tweens, and to apply shape hints for more control over a shape tween animation.
27. Multiframe Symbols
      - Multiframe Symbols, how to add a series of animation frames into a Symbol and store them in the Library. Using Multiframe Symbol Instances.
28. Add sounds and audio effects
      - Adding sounds in a Flash presentation, options for creating simple audio effects.
29. Using the Bone Tool
      - Using the Bone Tool, apply bones to shapes and symbols, move objects in a realistic manner with Inverse Kinematics, IK.
30. Animating Armature - Pose Frames
      - Animating armature, creating Pose Frames, animation with a bones structure, properties for Armature and Bone.
31. Bind Tool and Control Points
      - Edit the connections between individual bones with the "Bind tool", bind / unbind Control Points.
32. Creating Mask Layers in Flash
      - Creating and using Mask Layers. Example of an animation effect with Mask Layer.
33. Objects in 3D Space
      - Moving and Rotating objects in 3D Space, tools for working with Movie Clip, axes and directions in 3D space.

ActionScript 3 Lessons

1. Introduction to ActionScript 3
      - Introduction to ActionScript programming, a scripting language for Flash presentations. Actions panel.
2. A simple script AS3
      - Create a simple script with ActionScript 3, add a text and a square in a Flash presentation with AS3 code.
3. Understanding OOP - Object Oriented Programming
      - Understanding OOP (Object Oriented Programming), properties, methods and events.
4. Variables, Comments and trace()
      - How to define a variable in AS3, variable types, adding comments in code, trace() function.
5. Constants and Operators
      - How to define Constants, logical and arithmetic operators, equality and relational operators.
6. Conditional Statements if, else, switch
      - Conditional Statements if, else, switch. Using conditionals and logical operators.
7. For loops
      - Tutorial for() loops in ActionScript, for..in, for each..in, and the break instruction.
8. While and Do While
      - Using While and Do While loops to repeat an action and execute a block of code multiple times.
9. Break and Continue
      - How to use "break" and "continue" to end the execution of a loop instruction, or to skip the current iteration.
10. Creating Functions
      - How to create and use functions in ActionScript, calling functions with or without parameters, return statement and return data type.
11. Functions - Advanced Use
      - Advanced Use, working with functions, variables, default parameters, recursive function.
12. String Object
      - Working with String Object, properties and methods of the String object, escaped characters.
13. Numbers and Math
      - Working with Numbers and Math, methods and constants of the Number object and Math class.
14. Date and Time
      - ActionScript 3 Date object, set and get time values. Properties and methods of the Date object.
15. Arrays
      - Use Arrays to store multiple values in a single variable, accessing and modify array elements.
16. Traverse Arrays - Multi-dimensional Array
      - Traversing Arrays with for(), while(), and "for each..in" loop instructions to access each element in an array. Multi-dimensional and nested array.
17. Associative Arrays
      - Associative Arrays, Traverse associative Array with for..in and for each..in loop.
18. Code Snippets - Add and Create
      - Code Snippets, using predefined codes, add and create reusable peices of code.
19. Detecting events in ActionScript 3
      - addEventListener. Detecting, recognition and deleting events. Priority of event capture.
20. MouseEvent - Events for Mouse
      - Detect and capture Mouse Events,using MouseEvent object, get the mouse coordinates.
21. KeyboardEvent - Events for Keyboard
      - Detect and capture Keyboard events, KeyboardEvent object. Example of using arrow keys to move objects.
22. Adding text with ActionScript 3
      - Adding text with ActionScript 3, FormatText, adding text which contains HTML tags and CSS styles.
23. Input text fields
      - Creating Input text fields, using TextEvent and FocusEvent, FOCUS_IN, FOCUS_OUT.
24. addChild and removeChild
      - addChild and removeChild methods, removeChildAt, getChildByName.
25. OOP - Classes and objects - Create Class
      - OOP (Object Oriented Programming), define Classes in AS3, package, constructor and accessor methods. Create instances, class objects.
26. Classes - Static Elements
      - How to create static properties, methods and constants in a class, and access them in script.
27. Inheritance - Parent class and Child class
      - Using classes and inheritance, extends classes, create a child class to extend a parent class.
28. Classes - Interface in ActionScript 3
      - Interface Classes in AS3, how to implement and use an interface.
29. Creating objects in AS3
      - Use the Object class to create objects in AS3, define properties and methods to an object.
30. Nested Objects - Traverse object
      - Nested Objects in ActionScript 3. Traverse object with "for..in" and "for each..in" loop.
31. Working with objects from Library in AS3
      - Working with objects from Library panel, create classes of the elements in Library and use their instances in AS3 code.
32. Creating new events
      - How to create new events, custom events with the EventDispatcher class.
33. Creating XML data - E4X in ActionScript 3
      - Creating XML data with E4X in AS3, various ways to create a XML format, XML methods.
34. Accesing XML data - E4X
      - Accesing XML data with E4X and XMLList methods, using the descendant accessor, filtering XML Data.
35. Loading XML Data, Traversing XML Trees
      - Loading XML Data from external file. Traversing XML Trees with "for each..in" loop.
36. Editing, Changing XML - E4X
      - Editing data in a XML object, change and delete elements and attributes in a XML content using E4X functions.
37. Working with XML Namespaces in AS3
      - Working with XML Namespaces in ActionScript 3, E4X functions for namespaces, using the double colon (::) operator.
38. RegExp - Regular Expressions in ActionScript
      - RegExp, using Regular Expressions in ActionScript, methods of the RegExp and String class for working with regular expressions in AS3.
39. Animation with the Timer class
      - Animation with ActionScript, using the Timer class, start(), stop(), reset() methods, and TimerEvent events: TIMER, TIMER_COMPLETE.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag adds a new line into a paragraph?
<b> <br> <p>
First line ...<br>
Other line...
Which CSS property can be used to add space between letters?
text-size word-spacing letter-spacing
#id {
  letter-spacing: 2px;
What JavaScript function can be used to get access to HTML element with a specified ID?
getElementById() getElementsByTagName() createElement()
var elm = document.getElementById("theID");
var content = elm.innerHTML;
Click on the "echo" correct instruction.
echo "CoursesWeb.net" echo "CoursesWeb.net"; echo ""CoursesWeb.net";
echo "Address URL: http://CoursesWeb.net";
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