The Nature can teach me spirituality

Things about Faith and Spirituality.
If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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The Nature can teach me spirituality

When you show the moon to a dog, the dog looks to the finger that points to the moon.
You can make the same with your thoughts. When a thought tell something about someone, about a thing, or any situation, don't look with your mind to what the thought indicates, but just observe the thought.

- Way the bird sings, or for who sings the bird?
- For the One who listens.
- Who is the One who listens?
- Only the silence can hear the sound, like the non-movement only can perceive motion.
When you hear the song of the bird, the bird sings for you, and, in that moment you can be aware that in Truth YOU ARE THE SILENCE that perceives the song.

When you try to catch quickly a snowflake that falls from the sky, the air flow made by the hand rejects it; but if you gentle and slowly follow it with the hand, it comes easily in your hand.
The same it is with the beautiful things that come from heaven, peace, joy, love; if you try to get them by force you just drive them away, but if you follow gently with your mind and you accept peaceful the way they come; you will be covered by gifts from heaven.

Knowledge is the Light from our inner Self, through it we see and perceive everything.
Knowledge is reflected in the mind like the sunlight in the water. Reflection is the understanding.
As a still and clear water reflects light clearly, a quiet mind that recognizes itself pure has a clear understanding of the Truth given by Knowledge.
The understanding that you get from these words is the reflection of their light in the own mind. If this understanding creates ideas, it means that the mind is still restless with thoughts that disturb it; like small waves on the water created by wind (thoughts) that reflects flashes (ideas) of light.
Into a quiet mind the understanding is similar with the light of knowledge.
The mind has the power to soothe itself, such as the water settles and clears up when the weather is calm.
By trying to focus the mind only in the light (truth) of understanding, that understanding becomes brighter, which also shows that the mind becomes peaceful.
In a very still and clear water we see clearly the light and our own image; the same it is into a peaceful and serene mind, the understanding is identical with the truth and we recognize our inner Self whose light is the Knowledge ("The light that enlightens every person").

After I read spirituality books, and especially the Course in Miracles, I understand that all I need is to Observe myself, and everything around me, quietly; accepting what it is without judging and having faith that the Truth is inside me, just like in everyone (not in books, which are just some indicators) and it prepares me with love to recognize and remember it.

A very good teacher is a bird,a flower, the sound of the wind through the leaves, the silence.

The Life is [a-]live.