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You the Healer

The book: You the Healer (by Jose Silva) offers a guide with theoretical and practical teachings that can help you and your loved ones to live a healthy life.
It is your right to live a perfectly healthy life until your last day in this world.
In this exciting breakthrough book, José Silva reveals what he has learned from his pathfinding research into the psychosomatic causes and cures of illness.
You will read many case histories here of people who had suffered for years but were able to heal themselves in a very short time when they learned to apply the tremendous power of their minds.
You will learn about actual experiences with first-aid procedures that have quickly corrected injuries sustained in accidents.
Most importantly, you will learn how to prevent disease, and even accidents, from entering your life, so that you can live a healthy, safe, happy existence and help your loved ones do the same.
"You the Healer" offers a complete course in Silva Method healing techniques in a do-it-yourself, forty-day format.
In You the Healer Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone offer a proven method of attuning to the special mind frequency called alpha. In this alpha frequency, a healing state is activated. These lower-frequency alpha brain waves can help you to use more efficiently and consciously the power of your mind.

- The Book:

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You the Healer

- Contents:
How to Use This Book

Part One: The Forty Daily Sessions
Relaxation, the Key
Controlling Your Body by Controlling Your Mind
Beginning to Help Yourself
An Ounce of Prevention
Helping Your Doctor
Overcoming Stress
Healing Others
Man, the Healer
Healing Energy
Desire, Expectation, and Belief
Avoiding Opposition
The Climate for Healing
The Need for Faith
Gaining Peace of Mind
Diffusing Destructive Thoughts
Pain and Hypnosis
Dealing With Emergencies
First-Aid Procedures
The Right Brain and the Positive Approach
Saving Your Life With the Right Brain
Eliminating Pernicious Thoughts
A Fantastic Voyage
Your Self-Concept
Healing Without Intention
Improving Visualization
Stopping Unwanted Habits
Right-Brain Healing: Review
Helping Yourself by Helping Others
Healing at a Distance
Energy Fields
The Procedure for Remote Healing
Reinforcing Mechanisms to Help Healing
Subjective Communication
Centering and Health
Using Deep Alpha
Controlling Environmental Dangers
Why Heal?
Finding Your Purpose in Life
Peace of Mind

Part Two: The Silva Vision
The World Tomorrow

Part Three: Specific Applications
Correcting Abnormal Behavior
Insomnia, Headaches, and Weariness
Severe Chronic Depression
Back Problems
Kidney Stones or Gallstones
Illnesses With Unknown Causes
Blood Vessel Problems
Identifying Allergies
Picking a Mate
Successful Parenting
Starting a Child’s Education Before Birth
Affecting the Weather