Divine Healing by Andrew Murray

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Divine Healing by Andrew Murray

A wonderful book of Andrew Murray on divine healing by faith in Jesus Christ. Healing is the will of God for today. It is God's will that his children be healed of all their sicknesses and diseases and infirmities. The prayer of faith will heal the sick. This book will teach you how to receive healing from God and life in perfect health.

Table of Contents
1. Pardon and healing
2. Because of your unbelief
3. Jesus and the doctors
4. Health and salvation by the name of jesus
5. Not by our own power
6. According to the measure of faith
7. The way of faith
8. Your body is the temple of the holy ghost
9. The body for the lord
10. The lord for the body
11. Do not consider your body
12. Discipline and sanctification
13. Sickness and death
14. The holy spirit the spirit of healing
15. Persevering prayer
16. Let him that is healed glorify god
17. The need for a manifestation of god's power
18. Sin and sickness
19. Jesus bore our sickness
20. Is sickness a chastisement?
21. God's prescription for the sick
22. The lord that healeth thee
23. Jesus heals the sick
24. Fervent and effectual prayer
25. Intercessory prayer
26. The will of god
27. Obedience and health
28. Job's sickness and healing
29. The prayer of faith
30. Anointing in the name of the lord
31. Full salvation our high privilege
32. Ye are the branches

You can download it from this link:

Divine Healing by Andrew Murray

From Preface:
The publication of this work may be regarded as a testimony of my faith in divine healing. After being stopped for more than two years in the exercise of my ministry, I was healed by the mercy of God in answer to the prayer of those who see in Him "the Lord that healeth thee" (Exodus 15:26).

This healing, granted to faith, has been the source of rich spiritual blessing to me. I have clearly seen that the Church possesses in Jesus, our Divine Healer, an inestimable treasure, which she does not yet know how to appreciate. I have been convinced anew of that which the Word of God teaches us in this matter, and of what the Lord expects of us; and I am sure that if Christians learned to realize practically the presence of the Lord that healeth, their spiritual life would thereby be developed and sanctified. I can therefore no longer keep silence, and I publish here a series of meditations, with the view of showing, according to the Word of God, that "the prayer of faith" (James 5:15) is the means appointed by God for the cure of the sick, that this truth is in perfect accord with Holy Scripture, and that the study of this truth is essential for everyone who would see the Lord manifest His power and His glory in the midst of His children. -- ANDREW MURRAY

- From: Divine Healing by Andrew Murray