Things about Faith and Spirituality.
If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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- Way you ask? asked the one asked.
- To make a beginning.
- Beginning to what?
- To the ending.
• Nonsensical vistas from a wandering mind in the search of her-self.

- What do you want?
- Nothing.
- Then, way did you come for?
- To have a place from which to go, because I can't go from myself.
- Where to go?
- To inside me.
- Then, let that "me" to go from yourself.
People want what they know but they do not know what they want.
- What do you want?
- I want to be happy.
- What is the happiness, indeed.
- I do not know.
What is this?
What this do you refer?
I don't know, anything of everything.
It is the dream of the mind, the universe of ideas, the world of symbols and words. Dreamland.
- Tell me what you wish. Said the Giver-of-All. I can give anything you wish; feelings, energy, fame, power, even the entire universe and immortality; I can give you Everything.
- Give me the Nothingness.
- Whay do you want the nothingness?
- Because all the things are from nothingness like the dreams are from slumber.
We all, together share our life, we not divide it.
Before to eat something, think about, would you like to put that meal to the root of a flower you love?
Before drinking something, think about, would you like to water a flower you love with that liquid?
Anything which not exists is neither good nor bad. Everything that exists is good, because God Is.
- Lord, tell me something I don't know.
- No one can say you something you do not already know.
- Then do I know everything?
- Yes and No.
- How's that?
- Everything you can hear, you already know, otherwise you would not know what is said.
- Anyway, if I do not know everything, tell me something I do not know.
- The nothingness !
- Why do people die?
- Because they think they have to defend / protect their body and dreams with their life, making plans (delusions / death) and thus they get to pay the price that they have made (sacrificed).

A being asking herself.
- What am I?
- An Idea; came the answer.
- Who made the idea?
- The thought.
- Who created the thought?
- The Mind.
- But, who created the mind?
- The Creation.
- Who created the creation?
- The Creator.
- Who created the creator?
- Me, now.
- And, who created you?
- Your self, now.

- What is beyond the End?
- It's the Beginning.
- And before the beginning, what it is?
- It is the Now.

The one who gives brings joy to the receiver.
The joy of the one who receives it makes happy on the giver.
By giving, you give to yourself happiness.

When I close my eyes and I watch, I see that I not see.
When I open my eyes and I look, I no more see that I not see.
Wonder who is the blind one,
the one who sees that he not sees or the one who, looking anywhere, not even sees that he not sees?