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From The Technology of the Dreamer

Qualitative Economy
A mere act of attention due to self-­‐observation, may change your inner state, your position in yourself, and get you into a better position in life.
You know a lot about being in the wrong or right place in life, but very little about being in the wrong or right place inside yourself.
But remember!  The internal  is the very cause and so much more important than the external.
You cannot expect to make the right decisions when you are in the wrong place internally, when your level of attention is zero.
When you are in a bad, narrow, evil place internally, the world that you yourself project becomes colder, denser, thicker, heavier.
A quantitative economy is based on calculation,  programs, plans and mathematics; and mathematics cannot deal with qualities, but only with quantities.  If you live in a merely quantitative universe, nothing is possible for you -­‐ neither change, nor transformation, because transformation is a question of quality.
Life can be transformed only by changing your dream -­‐ that is, by turning something lower into something higher.
An ordinary man, a machine-­‐man is a function of the nature-­‐machine, guided by nature and obedient to nature.
A man of School starts to work in a different direction, turning upside down his own vision.
A man of integrity, a fully understanding being, contains life, and through his revealed Will can move mountains in the world of events.
An ordinary man sees everything as opposites -­‐ a higher level of integrity sees all sides of a question simultaneously.
In a qualitative economy, the amount of efforts is useless in comparison with the quality of efforts.
Your position and role in life is determined by the quality of your own being.

A negative association about money
A false, negative association about money could wipe out all your ability to succeed in any field in life.  You will never climb above a certain earnings, or succeed financially , if deep down you associate having money to greed or to being judged, or to stress, or with immorality or a lack of ethics or spirituality.

They taught you to believe
They let you believe that if you desire something long enough and hard enough, sooner or later, you tend to realize it. They let you believe that after you have paid the price and observed the required laws, the object of your ambition will one day be yours. They taught you to believe that a successful individual has to visualize his success long before it becomes a reality. They let you believe that the constant and dedicated attention to the goal you have set for yourself, is the only formula for its achievement. But remember! Beliefs, hopes, expectations and desires are all in time, and in time nothing real can be achieved. What you call success, victory, happiness, truth or even financial power, can only be produced and released in this very Now, by the most real thing that you possess:
the Art of Dreaming – the most practical way to hit the mark, win all battles, overcome all limits and achieve the inconceivable.

Economy is a way of thinking
At the forefront of the new millennium the human race is still a species in transition between the past and the future. Under many aspects is at the dawn of the conscience. This old humanity has an obsolete psychology founded on a conflictual logic, its rationality is armed and operates only through the game of opposites, and its civilization is still the product of war and of a predatory spirit. Even science is the product of the juxtaposition of antagonistic concepts: good and evil (ethics), beauty and ugliness (esthetics), truth and falsity (philosophy) etc.

As long as humanity remains a conflictual species -­‐victim of fear and pain, poverty is economy, and crime is economy. The poverty and crime of vast regions of the world will continue perpetually until man’s reason remains armed, until antagonists such as poverty and wealth continue to fight each other, not in the world but in the conscience of every man together with good and bad, pain and pleasure, fear and love.

 Economy is a way of thinking. The economy is the reflection of our way of thinking and feeling, of our convictions and of our system of values.

As long as the psychology of man remains ill, then war, poverty, crime and pain will continue to be the big pillars of the world’s economy. For this reason there is an economy of illness just as there is an economy of war and an economy of poverty. Legions of young people prepared in schools without love and without freedom, add themselves to the sad army of the adults and perpetuate the professions and the roles available in an economy fueled by pain and fear.

Thinking is Destiny. By our own way of thinking and feeling we have plotted our destiny until now.
Now, if we are capable to think in a new way, then we have the power to change the future. And moreover, we can change the economy and the financial destiny of an entire country.

All schools and all universities of the world perpetuate and spread the old way of thinking. They are the guardians of old humanity’s way of thinking and feeling whose pivotal element is the idea that death is unavoidable.

Believing and creating is one and the same thing only divided by time. Whatever I see is the creation of my belief…To believe means to create.

B+t=R / Belief+ time = Reality (Life or world)

If nothing else kills us before, then the idea that death is unavoidable will. This explains how still today a large part of the economy is the product of the industry of death.
The rationality of man is armed. His logic is conflictual. His psychology is incomplete.

For this reason our economy is still a primitive activity if not downright criminal. Old humanity knows only to gain profit from division, misfortunes and friction between opposites. Enormous machines like wars, genocides and poverty pushed by blind destructiveness, egoism and vanity have been, up until now, the only way known to man and to civilizations to move towards higher levels of progress and economic prosperity. Just look at what happened to the economies of the defeated countries, nearly completely destroyed by the World War Two: Germany, Japan and Italy. Unconsciously but periodically humanity turns on a destructive mechanism in order to move forward. It knows no other way.

The economy of the future, an economy of well-being must be created by men that love, by dreamers. To fight and win poverty in the world we must render bountiful our intelligence, nurture and elevate our being. Poverty and crime are illnesses of being. The individual must be overturned: he must free his psychology from conflictual thinking, negative emotions, especially from doubts and fear, and his conscience from scarcity. This is the individual revolution: a revolution of being. The slightest rise in your level of being moves mountains in the world of economy and finance, it can remove the historic poverty of nations and entire civilizations, and it can conduct eras of war and fear towards peace.

A new species, completely transformed is about to appear on the scene. A new man, the “vertical man” is the man that has broken the psychological vortex and the old ways of thinking that have imprisoned the old humanity. The new man has a complete psychology, free from conflicts and that does not see only through opposites but sees reality made up of different layers, the levels of being. The central role that education will have in the new era of man must be deepened and this is vital for the survival and evolution of our civilization. New schools and universities that are able to express a system of vital ideas in order to prepare this new species, a governing class free from conflicts, businessmen and managers capable to redefine the central concepts surrounding ethics, the economy and spirituality, a generation of leaders that are able to harmonize the seemingly apparent antagonisms of all time: economics and ethics, action and contemplation, financial power and love.

Special schools and new universities are needed. Their first task is to teach the revolution of being and at the centre of their attention and at the top of their every priority there must be the individual. The seed lies in the being of the individual. We have to start from within. It is a process inside-­‐out just like when healing a wound.

Every other revolution in history has failed. True transformation, the solution to the millenary problems of man can be only be the product of a mental revolution. We have to think differently.
Who commits a crime or is poor has a distorted vision of the world. He thinks that the external world can make him rich and happy but the truth is that the world and all its events is nothing but the effect, the consequence, the shadow of being. The world is the projection of our way of thinking and the economy is the reflection of our values and our ideas. He who does not give attention to his being will not be able to prosper but is destined to lose his possessions, all that he has and also what he merely ‘believes’ to have.

Man is made up of layers. He can produce falsity and pain just as he can produce truth, beauty and goodness. We must teach how to bring forth his own uniqueness which the world as a consequence will reflect.
Only the individual can change society. The revolution is purely individual therefore it is the individual that must understand, harmonize and balance his being.
ESE is dedicated to the individual, to his intellectual and humanitarian preparation, which it puts at the centre of every activity.  ESE teaches the Individual Revolution and is dedicated to the preparation of men that have omitted from their being egoism, conflict, poverty, prejudice and even the idea that death is unavoidable. It is for these reasons that they will be able to attract and create wealth.

Man is ready -­‐ intelligence and love lie already within. It is visible in every student. The School does not have to add anything, but to bring to light their originality, and the beauty of their uniqueness. For this reason there is no need for external teachings. The root of ‘educate’ is ‘to take out’ : Ex-­‐duco.

This has to be the main principle for a School of liberty, of self-­‐knowledge… a School of integrity.
The school of the future has to eliminate more than to add on. To eliminate old structures, rusted concepts, obsolete ideas, to abandon preconceived notions, false sentiments, imaginary fears and identification, to destroy negative emotions, destructive thoughts and the certainty of death that has been rooted in every man since childhood.

The measure of your own being
Try to hold the largest thought you can have. For how long can you hold it? This is the measure of your own being, of your inner responsibility, and externally, of your financial destiny.

This is economics
If you were to find an object… even if it were a jewel studded with diamonds… your first thought should be to give it back, to deliver it… immediately!
That object is there to measure you… it is a measuring stick of your life, of your worth. It buys you and it sells you…. Only a dishonest person or someone who is about to become a dishonest person can find an object… A man destined to become rich doesn’t find anything by chance… He builds his wealth. This is economics.

If you find an object don’t even think about making it yours because that object would destroy you, one lifetime wouldn’t be enough to pay for it. Only those who are balanced between honesty and delinquency can find an object… think it over a couple of times… weigh up its worth, it’s already too much… To find an object, money, is a trick to test you… because you don’t know yourself… That object could tempt you… buy you… Even just thinking about making it yours would make you fall into an area of crime where you would be stuck for decades.

Harvard, M.I.T., they don’t know that this is economics.

Those who that are meant to be rich become so through their own efforts… Even just buying a lottery ticket.. or betting money just once at a gambling table… means showing signs of impotence, of distrust of yourself… it means excluding yourself from health, from prosperity, from power…from happiness. It puts you out of the game… You have already lost!... You have traded the immense power to do things using your own strength with the false hope of winning… This makes you enter into an inferno of addiction, of fear, of poverty… into a area of crime, of unhappiness, of shame… Observe them well… The players are all irresponsible, addicts… A gambler is an employee who doesn’t have the strength to support wealth… He cannot deserve to become rich. Everything always goes against him… Placing a bet is the exposure of your incapability to be generous… to be responsible… to love. This is economics.

Never forget : whoever finds a precious object is dishonest… that object that you think you found by chance is there to buy you. It is saying: I will buy you… I will reveal your true nature, that which you don’t know about yourself: that you are a criminal… that you aren’t ready to become responsible, independent, financially rich… So be careful…
A person who believes in themselves, in their capabilities, never finds anything... even finding it means that you are corruptible… it means you are an irresponsible person who clings on to others… whoever finds it is already a thief… Even only thinking about keeping it opens a wound that will continue to bleed and will take years to heal… No one can tell you this.
Whoever applies these principles to his own life creates wealth and prosperity…without limits.

You, like billions of people
The inner realization that everything comes from within and has to have your own consent to manifest, makes all the events and circumstances happen only for your advantage and growth. On the contrary, if you believe that your world is an entity living outside yourself, you, like billions of people, in eons of time, have to go through all troubles and difficulties, aging and disease, to one day understand that you are the very one who emanates this world you believe to be external.

At the mercy of lesser Gods
For thousands of years you’ve lived at the mercy of lesser Gods – be it through the voice of prophets or that of ideologists, be it through that of scientists, technocrats, statesman or politicians. Yet nothing has changed. For you the world remains hopelessly conflictual, violent and mortal. All attempts to evade through external devices like music, art, poetry, politics, and sciences, have been vain. Another Power, then, is needed, that’s been buried all along in the most hidden recesses of your being, able to defy the law of gravity, and challenge the laws of sickness, ageing, and death – able to contain and govern the wondrous unpredictability of life.

"Real life is not somewhere else, in some distant ethereal beyond, but down here, in this very body which dies not for consumption, but for absence of light."

Away from home
“Our identification makes the unreal real.
“There outside, what you call reality is harmless, inexistent…
Protect yourself from yourself…you are the real threat to yourself. The real enemy is inside you…the fight is only with yourself. One day you’ll discover that even this fight is an illusion, a comedy that you yourself have put on. Now, with this intelligence even the evils of the world will be resolved.

Just a little self-­‐attention would be enough. But we’re always away from home. When we come home we find it devastated, empty, and blame the ghosts.
When you turn towards yourself, when you begin to give attention to you being, the pain comes to the surface and becomes even more intense. But this is good.
It’s the sign of an internal work, a fight against time, against unreality, the description of time. The imagination of the future and the memory of the past is unreal -­‐ something inexistent that nevertheless governs your life and is at the origin of all your troubles.
Whatever your state of being is in this moment, this is your past and your future, always and forever. The smallest change in your being projects another world, another story and another destiny. This is the greatest freedom to which you could aspire.

Everyone says ’yes’ to a new octave in his life, to reach a higher state of being… But as soon as the opportunity to enter into this world presents itself, you take steps backwards. Because it’s not true that you want to change. Mediocrity has become your house – it protects you, makes you feel safe.
If you listen to yourself, if you record what you feel, what seems to be happening inside of you in just this moment is instead what happens throughout the whole day, every day of your existence…Identified as you are with the world, with superficiality and all that keeps you strenuously occupied every day…you can’t realize that these states of being that you rarely are able to see within yourself govern your life. They darken you and curve you through thousands of deaths every day until bringing you to physical death. Why should you ‘stop’? To bring out all the pain in the world. This is doing. You go around believing you are ‘doing’ ( doing something) You study or go to school, work on the computer, travel, hold conferences, but you are sleepwalkers like thousands of others…shadows.

The Dreamer has given you roles, has built a School, but not to give you an alibi to hide yourself, to return into your infernos, in your ghettos…
Looking inside oneself is painful…You’d like to stay next to me, enjoy the victories and healing and live with one foot in and one foot out.
If you could ‘stop’ more often and realize in the flesh, in your bodies that the world is a projection, something laughable, chaotic, disorderly, you’d dedicate your every breath to coming out.
This disorder, appears to you as life… being tossed around by the world makes you feel busy and useful.
But ask yourself: how can something that is virtual and inexistent give you security, offer you a job, make you happy, give you life?
Something is crying inside you and you don’t listen... the external roles keep you busy, satisfy you, but that’s not life…you can go ahead for another hundred years…

Before he can break out of the prison of his roles, a man must feel disappointment for the sterile repetitiveness of the events and circumstances of his own life.
There’s not one of you who gets up in the morning and sees this slime that pollutes you and governs it inside…and missing this work, I know you go into the world and loose yourselves in the shadows…Forget…Because you can only remember what is at your level…the vertical memory that Dreamer is talking about is another thing entirely.
The fact is that there is not an inner reality and an outer one-­‐-­‐-­‐there is only one reality. You go into the world and beg for a job, some satisfaction, some sex… are without dignity -­‐ the dignity of a warrior that doesn’t lower himself in front of anyone and does not want anyone to lower themselves in front of him. But you don’t know what I’m talking about. You are shadows and want to remain that way. Something tells me: Leave them to themselves…if they want to get lost…let them.

There is an involuntary will that pushes every man to stay in that inferno.
There is no external reality. The world takes orders from ‘here’. Dissolving roles, abandoning this hypnotic dependence on the world, everything would take on significance…Wealth, prosperity, and order would belong to you, unfailingly, effortlessly. Your body would create and emit freedom.
But you want things to remain as they are and I can’t allow it. I can’t stop and wait for you, not anymore. “Here , will remain only who has the strength to follow me, to run.

The games of life
The Dreamer uses the games of life to allow you to return to your inner aliveness and integrity. He uses religions, politics, educational systems, communication and media, and all kinds of business, relationships and affairs as a mirror and reflection of yourself, so that you can remember the very source of all and everything. The Dreamer uses also all human crimes and natural disasters and whatever you mistakenly believe to be coming from the outer world as a School of Being, and this for the sole purpose of awakening you to a new truth, to a new life.

No war within, no war without
Q. As you know, throughout the world there are factories of armaments which are being produced and stored to cause damage or even destroy humanity, how can we counteract or protect ourselves from such a destructive power?

A. By taking yourself out from under the influence of every form of hypnotism, dependency, superstition or identification with the world outside.

Do not lean on anybody's knowledge, fantasy or prophecy. Know that there is no power 'out there' that can destroy you. 'Out there' nothing can happen without your consent, inner approval or intent. Be vigilant! Cast off all your ignorance and darkness. It is your vision that needs adjustment and not humanity. If you integrate yourself, if you become a unity, then the world is safe. In the world of duality everything is perfectly balanced — a period of obscurity and destruction inevitably alternates with a period of creativity and constructiveness, but only as a mirror of your inner states. So don' t worry about the world, worry only about yourself -­ this is the only way you can help. The world of events and circumstances is totally depending upon you. The conditions of the world correspond exactly to your inner states.
Remember! Nobody and nothing can do anything if it is not commanded and directed by your own Dream. No war within, no war without -­ this is the Law.

Commitment and identification
You can survive only if you act impeccably the role the circumstances require.
“When you stop acting you are dead.”

Acting intentionally is more real than the reality they taught you to believe.
The belief of an ordinary man is total identification. It doesn’t matter if you identify with an object or with God. Identification is always death. A man of integrity acts his roles intentionally and impeccably, that means believing without believing.
Only a man free from identification can stay alive in a world that demands his total involvement.
Act your role in life as a great actor does on the stage…always.

Believe without believing!
Q. Can you explain the difference between commitment and identification?

A. You can be committed without identifying. This is the way of a man of integrity. You can be identified without commitment and this is the way of most people on earth. Commitment is a vertical way, a new life which transcends itself endlessly.
Identification is a vicious circle in which you get lost and die. Identification is a mere reaction to something you believe has already happened.
Commitment is the creative power that projects what is going to happen.
Identification is a self-­‐created prison.
Commitment is freedom.

Business and self-knowledge
Q. What does business have to do with self-­‐knowledge?

A. At the time of a great financial crisis many bankers, businessmen and stockbrokers ‘crash’ also because they totally identify with the failing economy.
In what should be a marvelous game of creativity and intuition, they instead are hypnotized to the point that they no longer realize to be the players and not the pawns, the observers and not the observed, the dreamers and not the dreamed. They depend upon external conditions to plan their strategies, and rely upon budgets, reports and financial forecasts to unconsciously build nothing more than a house of cards.

But what happens then, when the slightest tremor comes unexpectedly razing it all to the ground?
Self-­‐knowledge means freedom from any conditioning or identification with the world around.
Self-­‐knowledge puts harmony, order and justice in every atom of your inner world. Its power spreads out in all directions creating a new history and a new destiny, a new past and a new future, a new life and a new man. Self-­‐knowledge is the very basis for success in any field of life.

A man who really knows himself, free from any external conditioning reveals his inner integrity and projects the unfailing world of his Dream.

Self-­‐government is the only way to govern the world. Self-­‐government is the real government. The power of will, once unburied from the most hidden recesses of your being, projects a place where there are no divisions, no boundaries, no conflicts between yourself and the others. Where suffering is, your inner blindness is its very cause, and where conflict is, your misery is its very root.
Your healing is their healing and your inner victory, the salvation of the entire world.

The world is such because you are such
When you understand that you are the cause of everything, such a deep sense of loneliness comes and grips the soul. You are alone, facing the abyss of yourself and the sense of responsibility that weighs on your shoulders. Yet, in a moment of sincerity you begin to see the outside world as something that is profoundly part of yourself, that reflects and amplifies the vision of all your states of Being.

You are used to moving in the world in search of experiences, with the clear conviction that it is your hunting ground. When you meet others, when you go to work or to school, when you amuse yourself in whatever way pleases you, you never look at the world as your reflection distorted by time but with, the conviction that there is something to take from the outside world – a conviction that has cost you your integrity, and even your freedom.

As you read you may seem to understand everything, but it is only a fleeting moment. It passes, and when you return to the reality that belongs to you, you can do nothing but forget that moment and continue to nurture your reality as it is, recreating it with every breath you take.
The truth is that the world is such because you are such.

You mark the passage of time in hours, months and years, and this is the first step of your journey through the forest of identification. At the hour of reckoning you realise that something doesn't add up -­‐ that time has tricked you.
You are here because you are in pain. Wake up! Know yourself! Be yourself! The end of pain lies not in pleasure. Remember! You are beyond pain and pleasure, aloof and unassailable, beyond the pursuit of happiness and the resultant sorrow. In the ultimate state there can be neither happiness nor sorrow, but only freedom.

This is why you are what you are – because you keep falling into this forgetfulness, and the world is the faithful mirror of this amnesia. You shrink and drown in the lake of your own tears, you give in to the call of self-­‐pity until you are small as an insect, lost with the other millions of insects.
You transform yourself into a pawn in a game that you have invented, you are like a robot. Your desire to lose yourself in things is so strong that you manage to design a system of government that can actually enslave you.

Q. When you say that the world outside is only 'apparent,' do you mean that there is nothing like pain, suffering and war -­ that this is a lovely world? When they take away your job or you are full of misery and have no food for your family or when your son dies in an absurd war, you say that this is not real?

A. Yes, this is only an imaginative ideological concept that you believe to be true — just a world of theories, a mere description of reality and not reality itself. Violence, fear, loneliness, pain, war, birth and death are just concepts generated by your memory and imagination, which are in their turn mere shadows and not facts.

Q. What are the facts?

A. What you yourself are in this precise instant is a fact. You yourself free of all fears is a fact. You yourself free of that bundle of lies which constitutes history, tradition, knowledge, religion, culture, and experience, is a fact.
The timeless you is a fact. And all that which apparently exists in time and which you believe to be external, will reduce you to dullness and impotence. Remember! Only what has been 'done' inside is real and can be permanent, the rest is just a short film disintegrating as it is made.
The laws of life reflect more subtle and invisible laws, and in reality it is a game to be played if you are aware of it -­‐ otherwise you are your own victim. Every time you meet with conflicts, disputes or an accident, is a signal that you have to return to yourself, remember that you are projecting that event which is the materialisation of your own internal conflict.

If you find yourself in war, you must have secretly cradled it in your bosom. Yet this is the real knot, this is what you do not want to admit to and this is what troubles you – acceptance of the fact that what surrounds you is really what you want. You have it because you love it!
How is it possible to dream of a companion who makes you suffer, or a family conflict or even sibling rivalry? And above all, how can you accept that you are both the producer and director of this horror movie that you call life?

Christianity has gold-­‐plated Jesus' words, promising an imaginary paradise to come to ‘the good’ and eternal punishment for the so-­‐called sinners, and earthly life is described as the wrong side of an embroidery whose beauty can only be admired once we are gone.. Cradled by these words you unconsciously condemn yourself to a preordained destiny, you are in a valley of tears in which suffering is right – indeed, the more you suffer, the greater will be your reward.
But you’ve forgotten about the Individual Revolution!

The strength of the message that the Dreamer has revealed is in this: If you really want to make a paradise on earth and a masterpiece of your life, there is no other way. Now, immediately, take responsibility for every event that happens.
This 'mea culpa' is the power to emerge from those events. It is the simultaneous remembrance of your ability to dream, and it is the possibility to dream thousands of different dreams.

The difference between the inner and outer journey
Q. What is the difference between the intrepid, adventurous inner journey and the empirical, scientific outer journey?

A. None. You see the difference only because you are a child of time. The inner journey is through timelessness which is in its turn the creator of anything existing in time.

The Parenthesis of Life
Every one of you believes that his life holds a ‘future’ full of events and circumstances that will, ‘in time’ unfold. You are convinced that these circumstances will surround and contain you, and that they are ‘out there’ waiting for you…events that we will either resolve or that will absorb you. You are trained to be projected in time – not to live the moment.
No country, no school tells man to the live in the absence of time, because he thinks he is a time body. That he ‘is’ this parenthesis he calls life – a body that has a beginning and an end, and that he is captured between an imaginary birth and death. No one sees this moment as the only one there is.

And so you lose the moment because you have no discipline to adopt -­ no training that brings you back to real time -­‐ the only time -­‐ so it’s such a painful effort every evening to just stop even for a few minutes to be in the absence of time. If there is not a state of disappointment you will never seek out these moments for yourself. You will live your life in the clutches of time – strangled by this time body you now inhabit as if it were all you had, and you’ll look back over your life as if nothing has happened. In reality – nothing has happened! You’ll find yourself looking at all your photos, and telling stories in hopes to feel you’ve constructed something for yourself when behind your mask of time there is nothing. Nothing has changed and nothing remains.

You’ll look back over those images and feel it was all unreal. The people who were seeing you merely projected themselves on you, but you were not that character. You can feel this, but you have no idea of what you really are just the same. You feel the falsity, but have never stopped long enough inside yourself to touch the ‘truth’ -­‐ your real essence. It is your time body that the world sees, and this is a line that curves upon itself endlessly becoming harder and harder to escape every time as the tracks are inscribed over and over again, deeper and deeper. You have flashes of another level of being – of a parallel existence -­ of a way of life that grows like a tree vertically from that flat plane you live on from day to day – but you ignore them and settle for living in the shadows day in and day out.

The Dreamer realized that in the world of events, everything repeats itself – you can overcome this repetition – the moment tells you how if you just learn to listen to it! You can leave the game of contrasts, the light and dark of known and unknown -­ you can go beyond to the unconceivable. It’s at hand. It’s called it ‘unconceivable’’ because it helps conceive something that can’t be explained. The ‘unknown’ is an easy doorway. Many schools believe to have conquered a description of existence and offer explanations and maps to the ‘unknown’ as if it were the beginning and the end of all – but this is not everything. What is known is past. It’s opposite – equally false and imaginary -­ is the future, or what is traditionally called the ‘unknown’. The’ tree’ that grows from this is the unconceivable – the vertical shaft that is the only way for man to ascend . It is the surrender to living this very moment, the razing of descriptions with a breath that welcomes and makes room for what has never been touched in oneself – this is the unconceivable.
Every man has a horizontal line of work to do, but it’s all useless unless there is this ‘vertical’ movement. Fear is only ‘fear’ when you don’t know you have it –become aware of it – look at it to make it disappear! The awareness of this deeply worn path within yourself sets you free from it. You change from one personality to another – it seems like insanity seen from the outside, but it’s the only way to survive in a flat world. If you know you are ‘acting’ the role of someone living in an inferno it’s no longer hell for you. You can wear many masks – it’s a beautiful game you have created for yourself.

  How can you get bored? You damage yourself as soon as you distance from this moment – from this perfume of your own very essence. How can you exist even a second without feeling the vibration of your own body? This never changes unless by your own neglect, and the energy that vibrates in you comes not from your body, but from something even deeper. It is the very movement of your being – it’s life breath that you perceive in shivers through your body like ripples on the surface of a deep sea. Feel the perfection of your body – when you are aware of it, it becomes even more perfect.

 Don’t waste time.

Your body wants to narrate a story it finds in passing thought – like objects fished from a river and taken as one’s own like a man who feels ‘hungry’ and so in desperation eats his own tongue to satisfy a suggestion his mind has made to him instead of waiting for dinner. Your body ‘narrates you’ with stories of parents, of a birth, of a ‘life’ whose descriptions are just the flagpoles of our own limits. In history there are stories of great men, JFK, Martin Luther King, Lenin, Plato, Einstein..even Buddah… all of them happen in a time-­‐body . They were seen as rebels, and they are remembered as such but were merely men who felt this suffocation of their own descriptions of life. You, too, should be a rebel, but intentionally. Guided by glimpses of light . You can escape from your prison only if you move in a vertical direction to all that ‘happens’. Escaping mechanicalness can only happen in this moment, in the absence of ignorance. Only in this moment can you go beyond – stop losing, stop dying. Terror exists only in and of itself – when you are free from identification everything obeys the command of your being.