The Good News Is Better than you think

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The Good News Is Better than you think

I understood this book as a book about Christianity and spiritual healing through Christ; of something which in truth can not ever be ill.

- Contents:
The Nature of Sin
The Nature of Righteousness
The Two Adams
Human Spirit
The Spirit of God
Life in Christ
With Open Face
Why did Jesus Never sin?
Fully Human, Fully Divine
Why the Sinner Has to Die
Why Jesus Had To Die
What is a Curse?
The Curse of the Law
Christ Made a Curse
The Christian and the law
The Two Covenants
Why The Old Covenant?
The Law of the Spirit
The Knowledge of Good and Evil
Type Versus Antitype
Forgiveness and Justice
Righteousness by Faith
The Art of Water-walking
The Meaning of The Cross
The Place of The Word
The Work of a Lifetime
The Rest Which Remains
- From Introduction:
The fact that there are so many thousands of different religions testify to the fact that man has always recognized his need to be free from sin and has sought for this freedom in a relationship with God.
All Christendom knows that God is righteous, He is holy and His nature is opposed to sin. Even if we have never read what the Bible says about it, we know instinctively that in order to see God we have to be righteous, and from the beginning of time the search of humanity has been to find this righteousness which qualifies man for eternal life in fellowship with God.

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- From Epilogue:
The good news can never be fully told in one single book.
As one songwriter puts it:
  • Could we with ink the ocean fill and were the skies of parchment made,
    Were every stalk on earth a quill, and every man a scribe by trade;
    To write the love of God above would drain the ocean dry,
    Nor could the scroll contain the whole though stretched from sky to sky.
Yes, it is true, when we have done our best to tell the wonderful story, there are still a thousand more aspects of it that we have not touched. Every day we are learning more of the depths and the heights of the love of God. If we should attempt to write a book that tells it all, then such a book would never be finished. But here we have attempted to touch on some of the highlights of the great plan of salvation; here we have endeavoured to show glimpses of the love of God and of the greatness of the gift which He has given in His Son. It is our hope that as you have read, God has become more real to you and also more attractive. It is our prayer that some of the misconceptions about God which have caused people to be afraid of Him have been removed and that a desire to know and to serve Him with all your heart has been awakened in you.
Have you come to understand how much God loves you?
Have you come to appreciate the truth that in Jesus Christ God has fully reconciled you to Himself? Have you realized that in Jesus you are already entitled to every blessing which God has to give? Do you know the truth that your sins and failings are no longer an obstacle between you and God? Do you recognize the truth that in Christ, you have the power and the motivation to overcome all sin and to live a life of purity and power? If in the reading of this book you have come to recognize these truths, then this book has served its purpose. From now on, you will never again live as a normal person. In Christ, you are a child of God and the normal life is not for you anymore. You have seen the glory of God and the world will never again have any appeal to you.
May the blessings which are yours in Christ flow from you to bless the world as you live the truths which you have learned in this book.