Exit from circle

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If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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Exit from circle

The road of life seems to go straight
but in fact we find ourselves in a circle
and the eye of our mind keeps to lie us
Telling that we still go forward.

Convinced that our way is right
We revolve giddy in circles,
but in the end, the big open eyes
discover a closed circle.

And then desperately
Start the great searching ...
I hope myself or at least I try
to find the exit from circle.

In the mind's geometry, the circle is not round nor square
It's just a beginning in which all it was finished
There is not exit, nor entry
The circle is just a point that we make it infernally big
By still looking for another way
Smoother, straighter and better.

Is it your own poem? Very good, I should say

Nop, I only translated it from romanian.
But I'm glad you liked it.

The world is the circle.
Who goes after the crowd, goes with the crowd, will not reach further than the crowd.
Who walks alone may find himself (herself) where no one has ended up.