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If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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Observing your inner war

Observing your inner war
The moment you observe the struggle of opposites within, your fear dies. It dies just as a seed dies and gives way to a new life. Observing your inner war without identifying with it, awakens you to a higher dimension, eliminating all forms of conflict and injustice in the world of events.

What’s ‘fair’ and what’s ‘unfair’
An entire family being slaughtered in the middle of the night without any reason.
Pulling the plug on a dying man in the name of euthanasia.
A dictator, merciless assassin, responsible for the death of thousands, being sentenced to death.
A flood wiping away entire villages and thousands of Time Magazine, The Chronicle, 60 Minutes, Today, Good Morning America, Sole 24 ore, the New York Times, World News Tonight: all instruments of time and communicators of death that, you yourself have produced for your own entertainment -­ an amusing comedy, an extraordinary game that you yourself have turned into a concentration camp -­ creating history to delineate a territory of death, and marking its boundaries with your memory as a wild animal does with urine.
Apparently, memory gives you certainty and security, but like all that which has a beginning and an end, a birth and a death, it will leave you sooner or later in the middle of nowhere.

All that which is history, all that which is time, all that which is memory has never happened and can never happen except in your imagination.
History is a nightmare that you impose on yourself to justify your lack of will and freedom, and perpetuate your own limits, fear, forgetfulness and death.
History is an addiction you would never know how to live without.

Q. What should we do then? Stop reading newspapers? Stop listening to broadcasts? Or what?

A. Continue to read and listen to them as before, but conscious of the fact that all that stuff is not coming from the world outside but from your own dark, compromised inner being trapped like a spider in its own web.

Exercise your inner Integrity and the world will stop being conflictual.
Exercise your inner prosperity and poverty will disappear from this planet.
Exercise your Immortality and you will not see death anymore.

Learn to discern. Learn how to believe without believing.
Learn how to exorcise your self-­‐fulfilling prophecy of disaster.
Learn how to laugh at your own deadly negative imagination.

What's 'fair' and what's 'unfair'?
Remember! Everything under the jurisdiction of time is false.

Win it before it happens
Q. Everywhere around me things are falling to pieces. How can I overcome all this?

A. Win it before it happens! Winning the impossible is what you' re called to do.

Q. But if it' s already happened?

A. Nothing can ever happen before Now. Believing to have lived through what' s 'already' happened is mere imagination. It' s a lie. What' s 'already' happened can only happen Now. Things are not falling apart everywhere around you, but only within you. Your 'feeling' of things falling to pieces is none other than your unconquered fear still acting within you, and projecting itself into an imaginary past. Overcome fear and winning the impossible not only will be possible, but inevitable.

The solution comes from inside
What happens ‘outside’ is only a consequence.
‘Win it before it happens,’ is a state of proactivity. When a problem arises – it is defeat that rears its head – as a warning signal of a fault inside – a crack in your being. Go back to the source, and there, in timelessness the problem is already resolved.

The Dreamer addressed us yet another time on what was one of the most contagious phrases He’d coined in some time and explained, If you are alive inside , everything will arrive – you can’t just do things because ‘everyone does’!

We win here because we do things differently, He said placing great emphasis on both ‘here’ and ‘differently’ with which he took great care so as not to be misconstrued. This ‘differently’ was not a horizontal difference between two similar things, but a vertical difference – rising from the order of things existing to a higher plane.

Victory is a state of being, He repeated….Victory is a state of being! You will find it only in invisibility….in the timelessness suspension when you are neither described nor created by anything, but yourself. When you are the creator!
Win it before it happens!He said again. To do this, you must pay attention to yourself in every moment – to intervene as soon as you feel pain inside – just with your attention, to remain in the state of victory. When you face someone you have to contain them – feel the space around you, and that pain you feel can no longer surround and limit you. How can you be defeated be your own creation?

The Creator lives with a sense of dignity….When the Creator arrives, even the atoms know and acknowledge him – the same goes for when you are afraid….He paused to let us catch up with Him, then set off on a tangent.
 We are deceived by the visible world. You should do everything there is to do, but without expecting gratification from the outside….because even if it comes when you are in a state of expectancy, you will feel vulnerable and afraid of losing it all. It’s terrible…Every one of us can meet with his own reason for being – his purpose. Don’t be taken in by the others – don’t be hypnotized…He said trailing off as He began to consider the argument from another point of view.

Being famous is internal – it is a state of being. When you have success inside you don’t want anyone to know…… you will not be able to stay alone…When Jesus lived success He had to go out onto the water to escape the crowds.
Your state of victory spreads out at 360°.
Internet isn’t even an atom of what we have inside – real communication is inside He emphasized, and occurs within you! When you have this inner communication – this communion, the world will be at your service!

Win it before it happens!

The lowest form of vanity is believing to believe. You have to ‘do’ everything externally without believing in it. The more violent you are inside – the more you occupy the lower levels in the world of opposites –in your job, the role you play. By harmonizing your inner conflicts you enter into a state of permanent victory and these will never have to manifest themselves in the world of events.

Who really loves does not work. Eliminate all that obstructs this creative ‘idleness’ and love yourselves inside in order to be victorious….to put the pieces of your fragmented being together, to collect yourself and live a moment of integrity – as state of success. You have to create and enjoy these moments of calm and solitude and stillness otherwise you will get lost ( resolving one conflict after another in the outer world as your inner fragmentation manifests itself).
Believing merely to believe – blindly following something outside yourself-­‐ be it the noblest idea or most base desire is always identification – and as such, a defeat. ( Lose it before it Happens!) How can your own projection ‘elect’ you – and how can you desire for your creation to create you? Rely on no one! When you think about this, you feel a sense of freedom arriving…it encroaches uncontrollably, and where before there was an absence now there is integrity…success.
Do you have a problem outside? Win it before it happens!

The greatest defeat a man can have is Having without Being. You must live and experience an inner success before conquering it outside, otherwise you will lose it. It will defeat you. ‘Win it before it happens,’ is you in timelessness building a future free of obstacles and full of success.
Success comes from within. Integrity is a permanent state of victory.

Learn to be Still
‘Being’ is not a fixed commodity. It is not for granted …if you neglect it long enough you will surely succeed in stifling your will and destroying it forever. Your will is the ‘yolk’ of being – the elastic substance that when strengthened is able to stretch and enlarge your being -­ your very self.
Attention is the life of being – the oxygen for its fire. Only through your self-­observation and inner attention –the third force -­ can you nurture Being.

You’ve spent so many years making do with only the most marginal results. Success for you is as foreign as color to a blind man – or pure oxygen to a sea urchin.
You consume your energy in useless activities …in uneasiness... anxiety and negative imagination until you are exhausted and therefore can justify defeat you know so well. You think that if you succeed in avoiding the vibration of transformation which you so wrongly call discomfort and even hunger, that you have accomplished something, when in fact you’ve only succeeded in killing your body’s own life impulse, and eliminating your only chance.

Learn to be still. Seek the quiet inside -­ not through violence and by force….but through comprehension.

Every voice within you cries out to be heard – calls for attention – your ignorance will only constrain them to silence – but their needs persist regardless. Real quiet and inner solitude can only be reached by consciously facing – touching every part inside. Then you will see and understand that nothing is accomplished from ‘outside’ -­ even the body is ‘outside’ and cannot be ‘used as a weapon’ against your being. You cannot by mold it through the application of disciplines into unfamiliar forms and functions without hopelessly ruining both. The body will become a consumed empty shell, and the being – not any more needed will emaciate from a seed bursting with energy to a mere and dreary hull.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The world is as you dream it. Your being, to thrive needs the life breath of attention.

A conquered powerful silence
A ‘conquered’ powerful silence spreads out in all directions and transforms our trembling, insignificant life in the most beautiful, intrepid adventure.

This moment is infinite and unrepeatable
The infinity of this instant……in the moment you said ‘this instant’ hasn’t time already passed?
No! Time is a concept. This moment is forever.
Tomorrow there is something important to face – you have to bring it close to you – we have an interpretation of reality that tells us everything comes from ‘outside’ and we are helpless before what we have learned to call ‘life’ – that it is merciless. We forget that life is nothing more than a mirror image of our being. Our every movement emanates a reflection that we call universe, world, ‘reality’, and not recognizing ourselves as the source of this projection, we think it has its own life, that our reality is made up of a series of events we can’t control. Life is a battlefield we don’t know to have created ourselves and we are our very own unconscious victims!

 Bring that battle close to you and without desiring to win or change anything reflect it inside yourself and look at what your thought creates…. more than looking at it, try to see the state of being that is behind it. Recognize yourself in that reality you have projected! Let’s see if there is a complaining – a state of defeat that projects the event, because what will happen tomorrow is happening now. Visualize the event as its been told to you -­ look behind it -­ at the light that projects this event – see it reflected in your being. There is this kind of pain – worry –the taste is always the same. We conceal it from ourselves not willing to assume the responsibility. It is the anxiety and fear we try so hard to blame others for -­ a grimace we always have – no matter what you call it. But we don’t even realize it – that bitter taste is where you have to bring your attention. Focus there, and the event is no longer clear – go try to concentrate on the state of being – what remains? Nothing! You are free!

There is nothing more satisfying than to possess and master the world….it belongs to you in every cell – in this moment. Feel the victory. No one can contest it if you have won it – if you have eliminated doubt…you have the ability to transform this doubt into certainty – to self-­giving. There is no space for something that comes from outside – not even the voice you are hearing now is external – Nothing is external. You think in this room there are many people – each with his own story – NO! No one here is by himself – separate – No one here now could voice his doubt… Don’t stop dreaming! It is there you will find uniqueness and certainty. In inner silence you will conquer the world!

The era of thought is ended
The era of thought is ended. Man has lived up to now by thought. Thought has produced an extraordinary world of science and technology for the convenience of human Beings and for their destruction as well. It is thought that has invented religions, commandments, disciplines, ideologies, the soul, the efforts and super efforts, the teachers, the saviors, and the gods. Can you look at or listen to something without having the description, the image of that thing? In other words, can you observe without images? If you don' t project any image about yourself, what are you looking at, then? There is absolutely nothing to see, and everyone is scared of that, that is, afraid of being absolutely nothing -­ that's why you create those images about yourself -­ sociological, political, psychological images. Real freedom is freedom from all images. Thought is distortion, interference, because it comes from the outside and so belongs to the past. Through thought you cannot destroy the images that the thought has created, so you are caught in a vicious circle. Now can you understand what can substitute thought and transfer you into the absence of thought and images – that is, inner silence -­‐ only thoughtlessness! You can enter into thoughtlessness only through attention, and awareness, and that is not the result of practice, which is again thought.

‘Thoughtless’ does not mean one who exhibits a lack of consideration for the others, but one who, with great effort is able to live ‘above’ it -­ separate from the random influences of the world, transient emotions, imagination and negativity. Thoughtlessness is a state of being in which you live in observation of your thoughts, free from identification…one day you’ll see that everyone talks about ‘thoughtfulness’ as a primitive state of being – for troglodytes who enjoy being lost in identification, and thought. Who identifies reveals himself only by contrast. You have to transcend the game of opposites – there are new games to play . You have to enter into a zone where there is no antagonism. Where there is no ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and no thought. If you are intelligent, you don’t need to ‘think’ …the mirror does not think!

When reality appears
The body and the world are reflection of your own dream. The dream is not a state of being, it contains all states and is subordinate to nothing. It is entirely uncaused, independent, complete in itself, beyond time and space, thought and matter. When all names and forms have been given up, and all searching for truth and perfection stops, reality appears.