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If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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Questions from life - Spiritual answers

Sir professor, people say that the world will end soon. So, why to keep doing my homework?
- Son, you are right. No need to keep doing them; You must finish them soon, before the end of the world finds you with unfinished homework. Come on lazy, go chop wood.
Master yesterday in the bus a woman was coming dancing and she was squirming in her seat to the beat of the music. She seems crazy and everyone watched without saying anything. Is it that she has no shame?
- Son, you would have to be ashamed for your observation and question. From what you tell me, that woman was the only happy being in that bus; all the others were pale, dry, concerned about their little things and what the others will say.
Sir professor, what is the main responsibility of the human being? To be good and fair with his fellows? To pay homage and respect to the gods? To do good without judgment? To create riches for the benefit of all the people in this world?
- Son, there are two main responsibilities: to love himself and to be happy.
Master, I do all the exercises; I tried even yoga. I read all the sacred writings. I recite all the mantras. I try everything, and it is useless, I can not bend my ego.
- My son, do you do all that to annular your ego?
- Yes.
- Why do you want to do that?
- Because I was told that the ego is the enemy.
- Oh yeah? And do you feel it's that so?
- Well, the truth is, no.
- There's the problem; You do not even know what the ego is and you already want to bend it. Better go to cut wood instead of reciting prayers.

Master, living in the Here and the Now makes me nervous because I do not know what to do. I hope for something to happen, and nothing happens. I try to see what's next, and nothing comes. How is it that it's the epitome of the happiness?
- Son, it makes you nervous because you expect something, and expecting is living in the future; as the future does not exist, you are among the waters and you can not swim. That is why you drown. Living the Here and the Now it is to not expect anything, be happy with what it is and you feel.
Master, why there is so much hatred, anger, contempt from one to others; if we could live in peace?
- Son, those emotions do not exist from one to others, but from one to himself. Everything that happens in your reality you create it, sometimes for doing something and other times for not doing. It's not because other offends you, but because you discredit yourself. When the man realizes this, there will be no hate and anger.
Master, lots of people talk and talk about love, goodness, brotherhood. Are not there other topics?
- Son, the topics abound in this world but one does not talk about what he has, but what he lacks. Perhaps when you're hungry, don't you say it and so you look for food? Do you talk about your shoes when you are wearing them? Do not listen to what people say; hear what they keep quiet.
Master, how can you know if a person feels true love for another, for humanity, or even for something?
- Son, there is a good indicator for what you are asking; When they do not talk to others about what they feel. Love is something intimate, it is not something to be spreading or talking about it rather than with the beloved one. If you see that they talk or write about love, it is because they don't feel it and they want to feel it.

Master, my son likes my work and I have decided that he will take care of my business, and for that I will enroll him at university in the College of Business. Do you think my decision is wise?
- Son, did you need university to raise your empire?
- No.
- Then, way do you want to sacrifice your son? If you want him to do business, leave intact his intelligence. If you want him as workforce, send him to university.
Professor, is it good to read and follow the advices of self-help books?
- Son, it is good if you not forget that following them is no more that another mask we put to live day by day. While we are awake we put masks such as: of winners, mystics, of pacifists, victims; self-help is just another mask, of positives. Just as it is good to feel yourself a winner, so it is feeling positive. But do not forget that this is not you.
Professor, it worries me the state of deterioration of human values and violence. Whay all this situation?
- It's because people like you concern about what they should not, instead of caring about what they should. If everyone do what they have to do, and do it well, there would be no violence, and would be strong values. But now, everyone wants to be chief.
Profesor, Why a person who can not swim sinks, and who can, fleets? Is it that the knowing gives flotation? Does it make us lighter?
- No son, you not fleet because you know, but because you trust. It is the trust from what you know that makes you float, not the technique itself. If you knew but you have not confidence in the river nor in what you know, you will sink. If you do not know but you will trust, you will not sink.

Master, what does Zen preach?
- Son, do not preach nothing but awareness; That we must not be dominated by anything. We must cancel the need for possessions, to cancel the beliefs and prejudices, do not cling to relationships and to the idea of having what we have not, do not consider neither the past nor the future, and think that all we need we already have. It not preaches poverty nor indifference.
Master, I notice that my individualistic attitude creates problems for me, the group refuses to accept me. What can I do?
- Son, it all depends on the place where you want to fly. The condors fly alone and turkeys in flock, but the turkeys go from tree to tree while condors from mountain to mountain. Your problem isn't that the group do not accept you, but as condor you're hanging out with turkeys. Look for your tribe and you'll be happy.
Master, I notice you are silent and thoughtfully lately. Are you reaching to any conclusion in your reflections?
- Yes son, I'm concluding that it is not worth reflecting because what it is, it is. What will be, it is in this moment. Better talk for a minute with a thief than with a holy man, and more relaxing is to watch the sky than meditate. I lost my time and I also made you wasting it. The key is in BEING.
Master, the desire brings unhappiness. But what is the desire?
- Son, the desire is to get away from reality, is to fall into a dream, it is to get out of Here and Now and moving away in the future.
- Does that include the desire to reach Enlightenment?
- Yes. If you understand that the happiness you have it just being, you not need wishing to be, you not need reach Enlightenment. That is why I always say: To Be not to seek.

Master, when are we ourselves?
- Son, all the time we seem as a duality, bipolares. But there is an occasion when we are ourselves: when we sleep, when we enter in the no-thing (No-I). In that instance we are as we are. While awake, we pretend to be, we use masks; but sleeping we manifest ourselves as we are.
Professor, my friends tell me that it's okay living concerned, pressed, because that encourages me to do things, to look for solutions, to build. You tell me that it is not so. How is it, after all?
- Son, the argument of your friends is equivalent to say it's good to chase you a rhino because it motivates you to move. Better build your life with a quiet mind, and without fear nor pressures.

- What is the best thing in the word?
- The Peace.

- What is the beauiful thing in the word?
- The Light.

- What is the most pleasant in the word?
- The happiness.

- What is the most valuable gift?
- The true liberty.

- What is the most valuable and great wealth?
- Your Soul.
The very best things in the word are simple and free.

- Mummy, I want a baby brother.
- But you’ve just got one.
- I want another.
- Well, you can't have one so soon. It takes time to produce a baby brother.
- Why don’t you do what Daddy does at the factory?
- What’s that?
- Put more men on the job.

More beliefs and teachings do not make self-knowledge faster. It is enough to dedicate yourself to one belief, and enlightenment comes from itself in its time.

- Master, what is happiness?
- When you are very thirsty and receive a glass of water, that is happiness.
When you really want to know something and then you certainly discover the truth, it's happiness.

- But what joy is master?
- Joy is the expression of happiness.

- Master, what is hell and heaven?
- Hell is a nightmare only; it is the "life" of death (the paradox points to the truth).
Heaven is the life of life.

- But what is death?
- Death is the awakening from dream into another dream.
- But what is a dream?
- The dream is the world, a thought (I think, so I dream).
- And, what is life?
- Life is the Dreamer.

- It's enough. Thinking about this, I notice myself and I trust that the Truth is revealed to me from Self.

A friend to the owner of a game club:
- How often do you play?
"Never," replied the owner.
- Why? You can only win.
- Because I don't want to lose.
In this world, the Wise seeks the absence of suffering, not pleasure.

- Master, what is destiny?
- It is something that's attracted to what you are. What you are attracts what is called destiny.
- Do you have any advice for a young man like me?
- Remember, bad fate can come from your words, and good fate from your silence.

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