Thoughts from my Inner

Things about Faith and Spirituality.
If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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Thoughts from my Inner

If Life is like music, Both are beautiful when they are governed more by feelings and instincts than by rules.

- Want to say the truth ?! Be quiet.
- Want to see the truth ?! Close your eyes and look.
- You want to hear the truth ?! Listen to the silence.
- Want to know the truth ?! Forget everything you know.

The past is forgiven, The future is in the hands of God, Now I am.
- What are you thinking about? I ask.
The answer:
- To the Happiness after joy; to the Peace after peace; to the Life after life.
- To the life that is in life; to the Peace from the Peace; to the happiness that is in the joy.
- How is that? I ask.
The answer says:
- Like the song of the bird in the one who listen; like the scent of the flowers in the one who admire them; like the inner light of the one who perceive the Life; The Love.

Through silence the Silence is reached (and the Peace).
Through peace the Peace is reached (and the Joy).
Through joy the Happiness is reached (and the Holiness).
Through holiness the Holiness is reached (and the Love).
Through Love you reach to the Love (and to Your shining self).
Through Your Self you reach to the Inner Self (and to God).

Each one has a single purpose here, one and the same, shared with every one: to See the holiness of God in everything that exists, to become what is already: The Holy Son of God.
The rest are learning toys. The world is like a school, the Life is like a teacher.

As long as you dream (to) something, you can not wake up from the dream. Even the fact of wanting to wake up it belongs to this dream, a desire that keeps you dreaming.
Wishing something is similar to "dreaming of something".
- Then how can you wake up if even the fact of wanting to wake up is a desire that keeps you in dream?
- You must not want and do nothing, just accept everything with serenity, peace, and faith. The simple fact that you know about dream is a glimmer of light that takes you towards awakening.
The continue lucidity of yourself and of the moment of Now is a door that it can awaken you.

The Light made the eyesight, as well as the sound made hearing and the knowing created the mind.
As the light can be known by sight, the sound by hearing, the knowing with the mind; so God can be known through the Son (the "TO BE").

God did not make the injustice, and gave the righteousness to show that the injustice never existed and does not exists.
God did not created the sin, and gave the Forgiveness to show that there is no sin.
The same with: dream and waking up; illness and healing; darkness and light.
Forgiveness is a sponge that erases the time (with everything that seemed to be in that time).

When injustice and the Righteousness (or ignorance and knowledge) meet, they cancel each other (as two opposed illusions, minus and plus) and the Truth appears, which did not ever missed, but its light was slightly overshadowed by a small cloud of the mind.
When illness and healing come together, they disappear and and will appear what never missed: the Health.
When sin and forgiveness come together (darkness and light), they disappear and will be revealed what is always eternally and it never missed: the Holiness (the Truth / the Consciousness / Peace).

In everything
The Peace is better,
The friendship is beautiful.
And, it is wonderful that these are in our power.
For Peace you have to do nothing;
The Peace there is already, just to accept it.
Friendship is a harmony that arises from joy;
You just have to enjoy sincerely the joy of your fellow.

The giver will glad the receiver.
The joy of the receiver will make the giver happy.
By giving you'll make you happy.

What we see is our own judgment because Perception follows judgement.
Perception testifies to the mind what his own judgment has established.

We see what we would look upon, and we look at what we want to see;
We see what we Want to see, because we whish what we Judge.

The thought comes to be healed, through Forgiveness, from the illusion of meaning,
Or to gladden, with the holy-happy vision of the Truth.

In the Human mind all things are unite, to reconcile.
Insofar as the mind makes peace with them, to be at peace with herself.

God's Voice "is seen" in stillness,
The eyes see only the echoes.
God's Judgment it is lived,
The mind perceives only its reflection.
His Will is the Life,
The soul in peace knows it.