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  1. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin I try to add more smilies but it seems I do something wrong.
    I use the JS script from:...
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    Thank you so mutch its working now

  2. » JanMolendijk
    Best Admin first off all how are you doing...
    Recently I`m busy to improve my comment-system.

    But Function to convert BBcode in HTML tags
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    I'm fine, thanks.

    The formatBBcode() function converts bbcode tags from a string (such as: text and text ) into html tags...

  3. » Antonimo

    SSEP - Site Search Engine PHP-Ajax is a great script.
    I only wish to index a single page and have multiple search results appear for that...
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    Thanks for clarifying that. Not suitable for my purpose, but still an excellent script.


  4. » linces
    I get a error on a try to index my site, see:
    Table 'ssepsearch.ssep_pgd_1' doesn't exist

    How to solve?
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    - I tested the script, it works. I not know way in your case it not work.

    Try delete manually the 'ssep_...' tables in your mysql database (with...

  5. » tsic
    I just installed and customize a bit your helpful script for our intranet but I'm facing a little problem.
    Count of elements inside a folder...
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    Ok, thanks for the reply, I will take in touch with this website.
    the Count problems occured before I made change so I don't think it's related....

  6. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin I`m testing this script on my server
    , but it does not work.

    I simply did copy your code for a test on my XAMPP Version: 5.6.31...
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    Thank you for the support Admin,
    i thought their was a problem with
    the PHP-version or something else

    It is working fine now (stupido me)

  7. » Przemo75
    Thank You for your code, MSLA2 (from: ). I want to use it with small changes and...
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    Those small changes aren't so small , it requires to rewrite some significant part of the code.
    If you want help with those modifications,...

  8. » kdg
    I'm using the script in subject I wrote, from the page:

    I'ts only possible to rate 4 stars? What I made wrong?...
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    You use the version for 7 stars (it can be used with 5, 7 or 10 Stars).
    I noticed in the page you posted that only the first 6 stars can be...

  9. » adriprivate
    I have tried to upload this script on my server:

    Tested to this address:

    But when I try to do every...
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    Make sure you have writable permissions for /my_folder/ (CHMOD 0755, or 0777).
    If still it not works, I not know what is the cause.
    Look in browser...

  10. » Alecos
    I use always the script: // from this great site!
    In the last week I migrated all my scripts...
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    Thanks for the short explanation. I now know the mechanism of sqlite query... and the Ajax call is already in asynchronous mode since the third...

  11. » alhuzn
    I use the SSEP - Site Search Engine PHP-Ajax script from:

    I am getting the error:
    SQLSTATE : Base table or view not found: 1146 Table...
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    The SSEP script is not made for searching link of files.
    You have to made your own script to register and display search results with files link,...

  12. » beegee
    One more question please about this script:
    I have one central page that shows the stats for the site. There are pages that I want to log but not...
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    that seems to have done it...thank you for both the speed in which you fix problems and your scripts. I recommend this program to anyone that wants...

  13. » jonbravo27
    Good Day,

    I've been working on this for hours and I'm sure there is something simple I'm missing, regarded to this script:

    I've downloaded...
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    I think that the problem is from php server.
    I notied that your server emits warning error if the date_default_timezone_set isn't specified;...

  14. » beegee
    Hi I have been using this script and it works perfectly for what I need:

    My question is that it only counts a cumulative total. If a page is...
    Last post » Admin
    I made some changes in the script that fixed the error you mentioned; just download the script again.
    You have to start the script fresh...

  15. » JanMolendijk
    I use your comment script from:
    It worked normal, but now i getting this error:
    Error: Incorrect verification code
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    It is working fine, i added a picture with more data.

  16. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin how are you doing ?
    I`m back again with something...

    I wanna use this script:

    i changed it to mysql but it is not working also if...
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    Thanks for the support Admin it is working 1000%

  17. » byronclunz
    I've managed to get imgbrowse and imgupload working with ckeditor 4.5.4! I have assigned each user their own directory.
    It would be nice if there...
    Last post » chill
    When I set this up as directed it did not work, but when I added '. $del .' at the end of this line it worked. Hopefully, this will help others with...

  18. » lmclaren

    At the top there is a link to Download MSLA when I click on it it goes to a page to say 404 the page for the requested address not found ....
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    I have downloaded the file,
    thank you

  19. » richardwbb
    Dear Admin,

    Would you be so kind to explain with words, on how to create a template for 'ssep/index.php' search script, please.

    Last post » Admin
    It is simple for you.
    1. To add your content in template, open the index.php file, and create items in $tpl array with your content; at the...

  20. » richardwbb
    Hello people.
    Wow Jan, what a good search you have made. Unfortunatally, something is going wrong, and I hope it is simple to overcome.
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    Oh. I never was aware that when something was named 'templ', it is meant to be 'template'.

    But, thank you very much, for pointing this out in such...

  21. » marred
    Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the...
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    Thanks a lot. You are too kind. Keep up the good work.

  22. » rcull
    In the SSEP search script it shows suggested results and when you click on one, it goes to the index.php and shows no results but it has some...
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    To add FULLTEXT index to columns in that table, apply this sql in phpmyadmin:
    ALTER TABLE ssep_pgd_1 ADD FULLTEXT (title);
    ALTER TABLE ssep_pgd_1...

  23. » byronclunz
    I've managed to get imgbrowse and imgupload working with ckeditor 4.5.4! A question though: when uploading images to the server, can the user create...
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    Try this code:
    Or this:

  24. » rcull
    I now have the script ( ) crawling how I think I would like it and am trying to use the search. It seems that no matter what I search for it goes to...
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    From what i checked, I noticed that the script did not work in sites with https.
    I fixed that problem. You can download again the script, or...

  25. » rcull
    I just installed SSEP from: , and tried a log in. I got a blank page after submitting my username and password.
    I found this error:
    PHP Fatal...
    Last post » rcull
    That was it! I ran the script, it show mysqlnd not installed, I changed the line as suggested and have now run my first crawl!