Stars Not showing on Rating Script

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Stars Not showing on Rating Script

Good Day,

I've been working on this for hours and I'm sure there is something simple I'm missing, regarded to this script: ... jax-php_s2

I've downloaded all the directories to my root folder and reviewed the code to see if there is something I'm missing.
I could sure use some help on this. My test page is at:

Thanks in advance....


Dear jonbravo27, i readed your topic
recently i had the same problem

Solution is standig on this page


In browser console (F12) appears that there is an error in "ratings.js" file, on line 1:

Code: Select all

SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'
This error might be because of a wrong encoding of the text editor you used to edit the file.
Try use a text editor with "Encode in UTF-8 without BOM" , for example Notepad++.

I think that the problem is from php server.
I notied that your server emits warning error if the date_default_timezone_set isn't specified; which affects data returned to ajax.
So, in the "ratings.php" file add the following code (before including of the "class.rating.php"), and set the time zone you want to use.

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- Or, download again the script, because I added it in this script.

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