Problem with Rating script

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Problem with Rating script

Dear admin how are you doing ?
I`m back again with something...

I wanna use this script: ... jax-php_s2
i changed it to mysql but it is not working also if i do the text option.

You should add the script directly in the root folder of you website.
If you added it into a sub-folder, try edit the path to "ratings.php" in the "ratings.js" file (line 105).

- Delete the beginning "/":

Code: Select all"POST", 'ratingfiles/ratings.php', true);
- Or, use absolute path (with "http:", or "https:"):

Code: Select all"POST", 'http://domein/subfolder/ratingfiles/ratings.php', true);
- Or, add the sub-folder name, with '/' from root:

Code: Select all"POST", '/subfolder/ratingfiles/ratings.php', true);

Thanks for the support Admin it is working 1000%

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