Total and Monthly records in Website Traffic and Access data

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Total and Monthly records in Website Traffic and Access data

Hi I have been using this script and it works perfectly for what I need: ... ss-data_s2

My question is that it only counts a cumulative total. If a page is not accessed during a month it does not show, but as soon as it does it places them in the total place and not a monthly spot.
Is there any way to show a total and monthly placement based on separate total and monthly figures?

It is needed to rewrite a major part of the Page Access script, to record data separately for each month.
This changes require also modification in the mysql table.
At the moment I cannot work to such update, maybe next week I'll can take a look over script code.

thanks for the quick response and that would be awesome. I have been doing it manually by putting in the numbers into Excel but to be able to show a true monthly most popular for example when I create a new page it will rarely get to top of the list as it is over a year behind in count. So I don't know if that is popular or not

I updated the script. Now, the method $objSA->topMonth($nr, $year, $month) works properly, returns html list with top accessed $nr pages in specified $year and $month; also, in the "Current Page Access" area it is displayed the number of visits of the page in current month.
- You need to Download again the script, and reinstall it (including the tables in mysql database).

Hi, it looks good can't wait to see if the monthly totals work. The only problem I notice is on the test.php page I get the following error msg:

Code: Select all

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home4/mysite/public_html/website_traffic/test.php:15) in /home4/mysite/public_html/website_traffic/siteaccess/class.MiniTrafic.php on line 22
This does not show on the test.html page. Also not to be pushy, because I am very happy with this, but I see you now use .json instead of .txt and I notice the line is different. Is there any way to import my stats from the old version or do I have to start fresh?

I made some changes in the script that fixed the error you mentioned; just download the script again.
You have to start the script fresh because the new format for saving data it's a bit different.
- I implemented the script in this site too, you can see how it works at the bottom of the site pages (not in forum).

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