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  1. » apogee
    The browse button is missing from my Image window. There's a spot for it, but the button does not show up. It's inline-styled to have a display of...
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    I've figured it out. I ran side-by-side comparison to the working version and mine.
    I noticed that the CKEDITOR.replace() parameters were in quotes...

  2. » mlucicom
    On this page: i use your pagination script from:
    It' very good, but i want to use my custom css for this pagination script and...
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    From what i saw in that page, all the pagination numbers are with circle style.
    Anyway, the solution is to set the same css style as the other...

  3. » justanumber
    Most likely out of ordinary use, but need to have root image path like:

    Cannot seem to get working.
    Have tried:
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    My bad. Seems I was not going up extra directory.
    Solved by adding extra ../


  4. » justanumber
    Hi, great plugin and very simple to setup + use.

    Current setup the absolute path is used, like:

    Like to have this:
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    Sorry for late reply, totally missed your reply.

    Thank you, this works great!

  5. » JanMolendijk
    Hi, i wanna use your script for uploading but i wanna
    make an option in it to what map i wanna upload it with an text-area
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    I not know what it is that uploadmap you refer, neither what it has to do with textarea.
    Maybe you not know how to say what you want. Is a...

  6. » maquis
    Hello again,

    I always get an error when someone is logged in saying allow dialogue (site) to take you to their tab . Is there a way to remove...
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    I have no ideea whay that error; maybe from some changes you made in script.
    In my tests I didn't get such error.
    Better post here a...

  7. » justanumber
    Great feature! Replaced the version downloaded from CKEditor site with the zip version from this page:

    No longer loads the images directory I have...
    Last post » justanumber
    Thank you! Works great. The delete feature is very useful.

    Sorry if my original request was posted in wrong thread/area.


  8. » melmdoost
    thank you for your free code.
    i use from your site.
    it was very good and applicable. but i want final result (output) show (echo) in a table for...
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    thank you for every things. it works.

  9. » melmdoost
    I have a question:
    This script ( ) uses the column names in the database tables for the <select> text: site, menu, categ, link,......
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    I just made a new version of that script, which has this feature to set the text for drop-down select lists. Download it from the site and...

  10. » maquis
    I read some posts on here that were very useful, but I would like to know how I can make the login window a little bigger.

    I would also like to...
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    Thank you very much. Highly appreciated.

  11. » Alecos
    2016-10-27T08:05:25, 0, Warning, TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see...
    Last post » Admin
    Thank you for posting the solution to fix those errors. Maybe will be useful for someone.

  12. » maquis
    Hello Admin,

    I want to know how I can be able to redirect users to a thank you page after a successful registration instead of a confirmation...
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    Thank you very much sir. I have other questions that I will post soon, hope you will have the time to answer.

  13. » jaypzzle
    How can I set the admin to be the only capable of making changes to Edit Optional Data, while giving users option to change their passwords and...
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    The simplest way to not display Additional Data, Messages and Favorites, it is to add: style= display:none; in the html tags of these elements in...

  14. » jaypzzle
    Please I would like to set this so only the admin can see Total users, Newest User, Online Users, in Script Register Users or for it to not be seen...
    Last post » Admin
    Try this:
    1. In the allusers.php file replace the line of code:
    if(isset($_REQUEST )) {
    with this:
    if(isset($_REQUEST ) &&...

  15. » jaypzzle
    Pleas I would like to know how I can set where the logout redirects to?
    Last post » Admin
    In the class.Users.php file it is the logOut() function (line 324) that is accessed when logout request.
    The redirect is made with html...

  16. » Admin
    Topic with question from a private message.
    - How I can set the admin to be the one capable of making any changes to users' accounts in this script:...
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    Try this, (I didn't test it)..
    In the users.php file replace this code (line 24):
    $_SESSION = ((isset($_SESSION ) && isset($_REQUEST )...

  17. » ark
    My question is on the SSEP - Site Search Engine script ( )
    Sorry if i dont know, but its posible to do the pending index process via php? or...
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    The download link is available now. You can download the script.

  18. » guidovanharten
    On this website I found the beautiful Script Users Register, Login, Online

    I am looking for an option to add the option that the administrator...
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    Thank you very much!
    Now I have a great login system.

  19. » guidovanharten
    I am also translating the Script Users Register, Login, Online into Dutch. On my new login screen, the window where the user has to put his email and...
    Last post » guidovanharten
    Thanks a lot!!
    I read these files and found some information that helped me to resize the login form.


  20. » donadams48
    My question is on the SSEP - Site Search Engine script ( )
    My host provider is going to install it for me but told me it would only go into the page...
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    You can easily change the position of the search form in the SSEP script. Just edit/ modify the css settings of the #search element in the...

  21. » Caterson
    Hello, I'm new to this system, really I served me much this script:
    But I have a problem, I can not get the filter is reflected on the page, when I...
    Last post » Admin
    On this page: there is a new version of the multiple select lists script, MSLA2, more complete, with various features:
    - It can add description...

  22. » Salazar
    Hi Admin,

    I would like to know, how can I use this script:

    to make backup of specific tables and how to restore these specific tables? Do you...
    Last post » Salazar
    Thanks Admin,

    It worked like a charm!... really nice tool!


  23. » Harpal
    hi admin,
    i am using puzzle image game script in a site ( ), and facing some problem.
    When i complete the game before the finish time , then i want...
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    What is not working? That puzzle-image script is not with timer. If you have a timer, just add the instruction to reset it in the function of...

  24. » dmgatwork
    Question on the Double Select Dropdown List example/code from:

    I have this example working for my application, and have learned a couple of...
    Last post » dmgatwork
    This worked just fine, got the info out of the object I needed. Still getting up to speed on objects. Thanks again.

  25. » sannisinas

    I am looking in to your SBMD - Simple Backup MySQL Database php module. Very nice work. Just wondering, and sorry for asking but I am a...
    Last post » sannisinas
    Thanks a lot, I will do some checking. Most likely a lot of new questions will come up. I basically want to use to use it to backup the database,...