Text for Select, in MSLA2 - Multiple Select Lists

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Text for Select, in MSLA2 - Multiple Select Lists

I have a question:
This script ( https://coursesweb.net/php-mysql/filter- ... t-lists_s2 ) uses the column names in the database tables for the <select> text: site, menu, categ, link,...
How can I display a different name? (for safety)?

I just made a new version of that script, which has this feature to set the text for drop-down select lists. Download it from the site and see the Installation instructions.

- To set the text that is displayed in front of each <select> list, edit data of the $col_sel array:

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// HERE add the columns that will be used for <select> lists,
// and the Text that will be displayed to the <select> associated to each column ('column_name'=>'text')
$col_sel = array('site'=>'Sel:site', 'menu'=>'Sel:menu', 'categ'=>'Sel.3');

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