SSEP - Site Search Engine: Changing search form position

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SSEP - Site Search Engine: Changing search form position

My question is on the SSEP - Site Search Engine script ( ... hp-ajax_s2 )
My host provider is going to install it for me but told me it would only go into the page on the upper left corner.
I would like to know if that is true and is there a way to put it on the upper right corner as my web page is already set and the search would not be good on the upper left.
Thank you, i look for your response.

You can easily change the position of the search form in the SSEP script. Just edit/ modify the css settings of the #search element in the "search_style.css" file (and "search_style_mobile.css" for mobile devices) in the "templ/" folder:

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#search {
For example, to put the search in the upper right, change "left:0;" with: "right:0;".
- For any other style setting, edit the css properties in those two css files.

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