SSEP Search error table not exist

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SSEP Search error table not exist

I get a error on a try to index my site, see:

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Table 'ssepsearch.ssep_pgd_1' doesn't exist

How to solve?

Try this:
1. Click the "Delete Domain" button, then restart the browser.
- Login with your SSEP Admin data, the SSEP script automatically creates the tables.

2. If the table is not created, access this URL address in your browser (replace "DOMAIN/PATH_TO_SSEP" with your website domain and folder to SSEP script):

3. Register the domain of your website with the "Add Domain" form.
4. Then Re-Index Domain.

Now i canĀ“t delete domain, and in search page i got this:

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Unable to prepare the SQL query, check if SQL query data are correctlyX

- I tested the script, it works. I not know way in your case it not work.

Try delete manually the 'ssep_...' tables in your mysql database (with PhpMyAdmin).
Re-open the browser and login in SSEP script. It should automatically create the tables in your database.
If the domain does not appear to "Select Domain:", register it with the "Add Domain" form.

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