Changed html code in ssep search script

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Changed html code in ssep search script

Hello people.
Wow Jan, what a good search you have made. Unfortunatally, something is going wrong, and I hope it is simple to overcome.
I've included an image, this probably is more meaningful then my following words;

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<?php include '../header.php'; ?>
// SSEP - Site Search Engine PHP-Ajax -
//...about 70 lines of code
echo template(file_get_contents(SSEP_TEMPL .'search.htm'), $tpl);

?><?php include '../footer.php'; ?>

My native language is Dutch, not that, this matters, I suppose.

Better post the link to that page with the ssep search script so I can test it and can see its code.

Did you make changes in the ssep/index.php file?
From what I noticed you made changes in the index file of the ssep script that altered the html code of that file.
It has two "<!doctype html>" and <head> sections.
- If you want to modify something in the html code, do not change the "index.php" file, but edit the "templ/search.htm" file.

Ah, I understand now what you where saying. I overlooked that file, I am used to;

Code: Select all

<? include header.php ?>

<? all of your index.php, not touched in another way ?>

<? include footer.php ?>
So that are just two lines. And, the footer is working.

The only thing I can come up with now is that since you are able to write a reasonable fast [maybe real fast, still working on this overhere], php searcher based on MySQL, which of course is quite fast, and you took the benefit of InnoDB and the other DB option I can't remember the name of right now, and that I've seen seldom over the years.

But you know about premature end of script headers notification on php, it is that the html is generated and already sent.

I'm very, very eager, to learn, how it is possible with your code, that you overcome this php error, I have code that puts my phone numbers in a database, this code i have written myself, and, have an 'delete', 'add', and 'change' button on the same page without frames, without premature end of script headers, and presto in the end at, 100 lines of code in each php file [technically, two php files], and I learned that the action buttons have to be as high as possible [look at Gmail for example, or]. Premature end of script headers is as old as html with active pages I suppose.

Well, long story, but I expect I will need some time to make it work in the way you have proposed, but also I noticed that your phpBB board seems hand editted by you and it work's totally different then Gmail and Outlook, which is seldom, you seem to have pleasure in doing everything yourself, so this post is a respect-post.

So if you won't reply, I'll let you know if I will get this working and then start translating a few things, on the other hand, if you can enlighten me what isn't straightforward in your code, maybe you would like to see my telephone numbers php with MySQL , it is 100 lines per sourcefile, which I learned is pretty.

The script uses a simple template system and ajax to return and display the search results. On this site there is an ajax course for who wants to learn that technology.

- Only your inner light enlightens you; the other's "lights" just blind.

If you have questions for the changes you want to make in the script, or issue /errors with other php /javascript /hml codes that you made, you can post on this forum.
With what I know I try to answer, depending on my inner disposition and free time.

Oh. I never was aware that when something was named 'templ', it is meant to be 'template'.

But, thank you very much, for pointing this out in such a way.

Code: Select all

include_once '../header.php';
echo template(file_get_contents(SSEP_TEMPL .'search.htm'), $tpl);

include_once '../footer.php'; ?>
in; index.php that are the rules 75 to 78, so really around this search.htm calling by php.

That is basically the same as why you thought and advised. [or I didn't understand it, haha]. Now the search results are way below the previous searches, but I can see that is a configuration problem which inside the template configuration. The php code is running now, and it works technically. Then it is safe for me to say, that I'll be able to manage this on my own from now.

Thanks again and best regards.

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