SSEP - Adding extra content in template

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SSEP - Adding extra content in template

Dear Admin,

Would you be so kind to explain with words, on how to create a template for 'ssep/index.php' search script, please.


It is simple for you.
1. To add your content in template, open the "index.php" file, and create items in $tpl array with your content; at the end of the file, BEFORE the line with "echo template()".
- For example:

Code: Select all

//code after line 75

//adding extra content in template
$tpl['some_key'] ='Some <b>content from php</b> for html page..';
$tpl['other_key'] ='Another content for html page..';

echo template(file_get_contents(SSEP_TEMPL .'search.htm'), $tpl);
2. To put that content in html page, open the "search.htm" file (in "templ/" folder) and add the keys of your template items where you want to be displayed, using this syntax: "{$key_name}".
- For example:

Code: Select all

<section id="p_content">
the rest of html code..

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