XAMPP-server only local host working

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XAMPP-server only local host working

Dear Coursesweb,

I have a problem after round 10 hours searching I come to you for suport.

Only the local host is working: //

But I can not get online on: //

What could possible hapend ? & how can I fix this ?

Personally, I have no experience with such things.
I can think on 3 causes:
1. Wrong xampp settings.
2. An application that blocks the port (80, 8080) that xampp uses (new installed application, a firewall or antivirus).
3. Maybe the IP has changed.

If you have installed a new application on your system, try close it or uninstall it.
Check if you have firewall /antiivirus that blocks the port of xampp.
Try reinstall xampp and check its settings.
Check if you have the same ip address.

Marplo thanks for the suport

I did serval times new installation on windows nothing worked.
After all I did an reeboot with my modem, en their it where

1,5 day busy what could done in few minute

One question ???? is your email address n01....net avaible to send you zip-documentation ????

Nop, I not use that email address, and I not involve myself in other things.

OK thanks MarPlo.... Wishing overseas nice weekend

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