Change the max upload size in XAMPP

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Change the max upload size in XAMPP

Pleassant Marplo, hope all things are okey ?

I have a question, I think I have server problem with uploading maximal upload-file (mb) is to less I need to make it more in mb

How can I change maximal upload in phpmyadmin from XAMPP-server ?

Or I must enter phpinfo.php (I have PHP Version 5.6.31).

Thank you in advance....

By default, the upload size value is set to 2 MB maximum.

Try this: Open the php.ini file (located in the xampp/php/ folder); or open the XAMPP control panel and go to Apache Config button and open the PHP (php.ini) file in Notepad.

Then, change the values of the upload_max_filesize , post_max_size and memory_limit.

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post_max_size = 120M

upload_max_filesize = 100M

memory_limit = 150M

Save the file, then Restart Apache and MySQL.

For more information, search on net for: xampp maximum upload file size.

- Note: The upload_max_filesize limits the size of single attachment and post_max_size is the limit for all the content of the post.

Marplo in once thanks for the great suport

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