XAMPP server Apache port

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XAMPP server Apache port

I hope you wanna help me....

My XAMPP server Apache shows two ports 80, 443

Yesturday nighttime a hacker
where busy for serval hours.

&nd now pages takes round 14 seconds to load.

By the Apache I see on the moment
from loading a page many different ports.

I searcht alot articels but could not
found any answer for this problem ????

I have no experience in server administration, but I think you should install a firewall application, block all ports except the ports you want to use (80, 443).
And, restart the operating system.

I found out what where wrong going

The registrations from all visitors + their country`s from a 3th party
takes with loading the page round 15 seconds.

So I deleted the 3th party registrations from country`s

All came because a serieuse hack, for this I cleaned-up my whole pc.

And now I gonna study how to protect all things.

Thanks for the support

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