Why XAMPP 32bit is not getting updated

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Why XAMPP 32bit is not getting updated

One question, do you known why XAMPP 32bit is not getting updated?
Only the XAMPP 64 bit getting latest versions, but 64 bit is not working on my computer.

Here is an announcement from the team of XAMPP:
We continue working on adding new features in XAMPP but this time we would like to reduce the amount of work of maintaining them up-to-date.
We checked the demand and the number of downloads of XAMPP for Linux 32 bit and we checked we can remove the support for this platform. This will reduce significantly the amount of work for maintaining up-to-date the current PHP versions for XAMPP for Windows, OS X and Linux 64 bit.

The latest version of xampp 32bit for Linux (dated 2016-06-28):
- PHP 5.6: xampp-linux-5.6.23-0-installer.run
- PHP 7.08: xampp-linux-7.0.8-0-installer.run

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