Thoughts from my Inner

Things about Faith and Spirituality.
If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.
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Thoughts from my Inner

I have no wish for more ideeas; just Peace.
Try to accept me,
And see, what is your truly wish?

When all here is a virtual illusion.
Way to involve others too?
When the Truth is inside me
And all the Time and Life around me,
Is from within you.

With more you spend in a place you get to know it better. With more you spend in your heart you get to know yourself.
Doesn't matter if you let yourself get carried away, just be watchful to see where it goes you. It brought you here.

What I understood from my non-knowledge (including this one), because in knowledge there is no need of understanding; It is one and the same itself.
- The body adapts to the mind, the mind adapts to the will, the will adapts to the soul (spirit).
- I'm not what I perceive (see, hear, feel, think) but the one who perceives.

When the view sees itself, it sees the eyes of the seer.
Light is the truth, color is an illusion.

Words like violence
Break the silence..

Judging what you see, it means to judge the light.
Judging what you hear, it means to judge the sound.
Judging what you think, it means to judge the mind.
Judging yourself, it means to judge your Source, called God.
- Judging no one and nothing, it means to accept your free way to the Truth.

Most people work, and struggle to get rid of poverty.
Because they does not realize how rich they are.
What wealth is greatest in the world, or even in the whole universe, than having a Soul.

Do not see in the other what you do not want to see in yourself, because what you see in the other you manifest in yourself (in your own mind).

Silence is not the absence of sound, but the absence of self.