SSEP - Search Page shows No Results

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SSEP - Search Page shows No Results


I followed all installation instructions, managed to reindex 500 pages, it works up to the search suggestions displaying correct phrases, but when I hit "search" the results are zero.

I ran this on windows 7 with Wampserver, then AMMPS with same result. Other things I tried:

-> changed PHP versins from 5.2 to 5.4 then 5.5
-> changed from Innodb to myIsam and vice versa.
-> for each change in environment I re-installed SSEP

The only error generated were these:

Code: Select all

 -> PHP Warning:  PDOStatement::execute(): MySQL server has gone away in F:\Ampps\www\ssep\php\mysqli_pdo.php on line 111
 -> PHP Warning:  PDOStatement::execute(): Error reading result set's header in F:\Ampps\www\ssep\php\mysqli_pdo.php on line 111
Those errors appeared twice only, considering that SSEP was installed more than 5 times and reindexed more than 2 dosen times so I wonder why they were not consistant.

I did not find errors in Apache related to SSEP, also found no errors in mySql related to SSEP.
Mysql tables show number of rows:
-> ssep_domain = 1
-> ssep_pgd_1 = 505
-> ssep_sets = 0
-> ssep_url_1 = 687

From phpinfo.php:
PHP Version 5.5.12
mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev
Apache 2.0 Handler

The site contains all static html pages.
I'm really stumped dont know what to do to make this work. I have only very tiny knowledge in php.

Not know way the search results shows no results. If the indexing works than there is no problem with the php version or with the mysql database. Also, if the Search suggestions works, the script can find the related results.
The problem might be in the search page, since it uses Ajax, the cause is posible to be from javascript.
Try check in Console to see if there are javascript errors.
Also, you can post the address of the website you want to index, so I can test.

- Or, if you can put the script on a public server i can see the source code of the Search page and how it works.

I did not use any other script except the default included in the download, i.e. I'm using the default search page.

I have suspicion there is something missing in Wamp so I'm installing Ubuntu and will try from there. Thanks.

I'm using XAMPP on Windows 7. I tested the script on Firefox, IE 8, and Chrome browsers.
It is the same script used in this website as Search function (not on forum).

I want to fix if you find problem in this script.

- Try put the domain name as value in the $search_domain variable (in config.php, line 15), the domain that is indexed and you want to use it in Search Page.
For example:

Code: Select all

$search_domain = ''; 

I must really be missing something here and getting a lot of frustration.

So I installed Debian & AMP on VMware: indexing was okay, found 504 pages but still zero search results.
Now I install XAMPP on Win7 and still getting the same result.

On all installations I get these indexes:

Code: Select all

Registered URL Addresses: 687
    Unable to read - 183
    Pending to Index - 0
    Without indexed content - 0
    Succesfully indexed - 504
    Cache Files - 1
Also, in all of them the Search Suggestions were working fine.
I also tried changing search_domain as you suggested.

So I was thinking if i there's a script you have that will check the install environment? I was thinking of something like installing a CMS, for example osCommerce, that checks everything before starting the installation?


Hi, I have downloaded and installed the script, and I am having the exact same problem as the poster above. I am using the default setting. I do get search suggestions when search but I get no results and also last search and top searches don't get added to the list.

I am pretty puzzled but what this could be, am running on a locallhost using xampp and dont get any errors, also indexing seems to work fine. just no search results.

Checked the console using firebug, again no errors, any help with this would be appreciated.


I changed the code for mysql Select queries in "sitesearch.php", try Download again the SSEP script from: ... hp-ajax_s2

- If it still not works for you, I need a sql (or gzip) file with a backup of the "ssep_" mysql tables with the pages you have indexed, to can test the script using those registered data.
You can send me the sql/zip backuap to this address: plomarda [/@\]

Hi thanks your reply, I tried downloading again, still no results, I have sent you an email with the subject: FYI: SQL table for search results including a sql dump file.


I tested the script using the mysql "ssep_" tables with your indexed data.
I sent you a link where you can test the script with your indexed pages.

If you can, install and test the script on a hosting server, then post here the Search Page address if still not works.

Finally I managed to run success. My test site:

First page has link to SSEP Search page.

The test site has more than 1000 pages extracted from IMDb movie plots. The index pages has 9 broken links which I added just to test how re-indexing vill find them.

I'm sharing the entire site in case anyone needs test files, please download here;

BTW, now I see the tables ssep_url_0 and ssep_pgd_0 will increment for every domain added.

Thanks to all.

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