1. » mlucicom
    I have some select options:
    <select name= array[] value= a >First</select>
    <select name= array[] value= ab >First2</select>...
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    To transfer value from <select> tag to php you need to use <option> elements in <select>, and send data via a form with...

  2. » mlucicom
    Hello! i have a script that insert some details in MySql database but the file upload don't work.Have you any ideea why don't work ?
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    I not know whay it not works, it might be problem from the html form, or the column types in mysql, or variable with data for inserting in mysql is...

  3. » mlucicom
    After a mysql select i want to add data to a div content, but script don't work..can you look above this and give me a suggestion?
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    That code not works because there are many double quotes inside string delimited with double-quotes in JS, and new lines in javascript string.

  4. » JanMolendijk
    I`m back again this time with an question for unlink
    i lookt for 6 hours for an solution to delete pictures placed into this code
    $files =...
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    thanks for the support it is working

  5. » mlucicom
    Have you any ideea why this sql select return me only one value?
    SELECT `location`.`id` , `location`.`location` , `location`.`customer` ,...
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    I cannot test the code because i not have those mysql tables, but i can advice you to add an alias to GROUP_CONCAT:
    $sql = ... GROUP_CONCAT(

  6. » mlucicom
    Hi! i have this database select query:

    // Interogare sql SELECT
    $sql = SELECT `location`.`id` , `location`.`location` , `location`.`customer` ,...
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    You can add an Alias to the selected columns (with AS).
    $sql = SELECT, AS namet1, AS namet2 FROM table1 AS t1, table2 AS t2 ;...

  7. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin i`m back again with an question
    I wanna use your file upload script

    sets maximum file size allowed (in KB). Is it posible to use...
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    I not have experience with hosting and server settings; but you can try to change those settings in php.ini and see if it works.
    - After you make...

  8. » JanMolendijk
    Dear Admin i`m back again with something new...
    How can i show into a php document text from an text-file ?

    i have this code into the text file...
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    You can use file_get_contents() to get a string with file data.
    Then, with explode() you can split that string by the separator you want,...

  9. » chill
    Hi Admin,
    I try to use more than one session field into a single string, it does not work. I have tried:
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    Better put here that part of code.
    Maybe not all those sessions are set.

  10. » melmdoost
    i am using a query look like this:

    this address send an id number to...
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    In this case you have to make safety the Insert, Update, Delete data in database.
    1. You can add a login admin script that sets a Session with...

  11. » JanMolendijk
    Well here i`m again... I wanna use this script

    Now i try with an id (int) into this script


    $id = (int)...
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    I got one question i try to ad for the upload more extensions like avi or mp3
    but when i put this i get the error The file: 03.avi not has the...

  12. » JanMolendijk
    I have a rating script where new people able to rate from 1 till 5.
    Now i have this simple code what shows the total number of rates:
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    Thank you so mutch Admin great work

  13. » JanMolendijk
    I think i search wrong on google & after few hours i quited.
    My question how do i make a simple calculator in php code like:
    1 + 1
    2 - 1
    2 / 1...
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    See the script from this page:

  14. » mlucicom
    Hi Admin!
    I have a php code that select values from database but this return 500 error when i execute

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang= en...
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    That problem is not from that script, generally the 500 error is from server problems or from some code in .htaccess file.

  15. » melmdoost
    i have a problem with this code:
    if(isset($_POST ))
    $txt_login= mysqli_real_escape_string($con,$_POST );
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    thank you for your help.
    i can find this problem!
    it was a space line in user_password=' $hashed_password' in register code.
    all of the passwords...

  16. » mlucicom
    have you any ideea how this work in html without <?php ?> tags?
    <div class= modal-title...
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    - The form of the code that you posted it can work with a template system, like php Smarty, which must be included and configured in your php script....

  17. » mlucicom
    Hello..i have a php social network
    and this is the class for add users to database:

    function query() {...
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    If it is inserted 'no_ref' it means that the $_GET is False (not in the address that accesses the file) or its value is deleted by other code in that...

  18. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin i try for few hours to find out how i can get an id into my code
    <?php for($i = (0); $i<sizeof($i);$i++){ ?>
    - $i = (0); the 0...
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    i tried many things but i get no results

  19. » JanMolendijk
    I`m buissy with an simple upload script, every member have a own folder for pictures on my server.
    Now i try to add a echo variable but getting a...
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    Thanks for your intention, but I not need donation.
    I'm thankful with my peace.

  20. » JanMolendijk
    Dear admin i `m thankfully for your support `just great`.
    With both examples for <input type= text > it shows only string(13) but not the...
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    Thank you so mutch stupido me i had to use: <?php echo $ip; ?>

  21. » JanMolendijk
    I wanna add an ip-adress into an notice script.
    This code is working on a hosting server, but not in a script on my XAMPP-home-server
    <? echo...
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    I Not know what the problem is.
    What value it is returned by $_SERVER ?
    Try this code to see what exactly it contains:
    var_dump($_SERVER );
    - Try...

  22. » JanMolendijk
    My next problem when i use this code i getting one record from user=' '
    but i would like to have all the records what is...
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    You have to use a while() loop to traverse the rows returned in the result set.
    $sql=mysqli_query($conn, SELECT * FROM `notice` WHERE...

  23. » JanMolendijk
    Daily i have problems with my work today my problem is...

    I try to build a Notification Popup i have for this a script what seems to work
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    Dear admin thanks for the support... But when i add your code i getting the number off all results.
    I have two users... 1 user have one result, the...

  24. » JanMolendijk
    I need your help again i cant find out how to select a specific id to show
    i have this address:...
    Last post » JanMolendijk
    After day working i finaly found it out.
    i added this code:
    $id = (int) $_GET ;
    $sql = $conn->query( select * from user where id=$id );

  25. » mlucicom
    i have two php files:

    the index.php ---

    $id = 3 ;
    if(!empty($_POST )) {
    $conn = mysql_connect( localhost , website_rent , password...
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    I not know way it not works; maybe data from the resulted sql query is not ok for that mysql table structure.
    If there is no message with errors,...