1. » JanMolendijk
    Now i have my next problem & can`t find out what i must do to complete.
    I have three mysql tables:
    Type Collatie Attributen Leeg...
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    Try with this code (see the relations with the IDs between tables):
    $sql = SELECT A.`user_firstname`, A.`user_lastname`, B.`mem_id`,...

  2. » JanMolendijk
    I looking for a example how to select data from two data-bases

    i have a table group with: group_id, club_id & member_id
    i have a table user...
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    I tried this morning a view thinks & had result just before your posting
    Great support Admin thanks i`m view day`s buissy to find out how tables...

  3. » Ja42la
    Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.
    8:59:36 AM This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
    8:59:36 AM improper privileges, a crash, or...
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    Not sure what the problem is, from what the error message says, it is possible that another application runs on the port set for Apache, or...

  4. » Admin
    - If you want to do multiple COUNT(), in multiple tables, and output them in a single SELECT statement with each COUNT being a column; you can use a...

  5. » melmdoost
    I have a question. it is my last question.
    i use persian name in file name.
    when i upload a file (with persian name) and move it to upload folder,...
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    - Or, in the same approach you can encode /decode the file name with base64:
    1. When uploading the file, apply base64_encode() to name (without...

  6. » melmdoost
    i have a script for upload file. this script has a problem with duplicate names, in upload folder. i want rename file name in upload folder....
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    The character : is not allowed in file name; so, you should replace it with - or _ in the string with the time.
    $time = date( H-i-s ,...

  7. » JanMolendijk
    I wanna use this script but make a form field from it were i can add text into the forms INSERT INTO `users`,on:
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    Thanks for the support i had to look better & found the way

  8. » mluci12
    I use mysql Inner join with php for a select from two data tables.But the resuts are duplicated because in one table i have more results with that...
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    The group_concat() is not for file, it is a mysql function that returns a string with concatenated non-NULL value from a group of rows (separated by...

  9. » mluci12
    How can i display the selected mysql row into html table cells?
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    See the tutorial from:
    - Or search on the net for: mysql select in html table .

  10. » Admin
    This php script can be used to print a MySQL table data to HTML table.

    $conn = new mysqli('localhost', 'root', 'password', 'dbname');...

  11. » mluci12
    How can i rename file with current date ( month/years/minute/secondes.file_extension ) in the code from:
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    Try to use the code from this example:
    $fname ='file-name.ext';

    $set_name = date('Y-m-d-H-i-s');
    $fname = preg_replace('/(.+?)\.( +)$/i', $set_name...

  12. » JanMolendijk
    I have this code to update one from your scripts
    But if i select the option Other it does not stay in de admin on this same line
    I hope you could...
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    Thank you Admin for the support

  13. » JanMolendijk
    I wanna use this code but only a single row, do you known how to select it ?

    // SELECT sql query
    $sql = SELECT `id`, `name`, `pass` FROM `users` ;
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    I found the answer i have to do this
    // SELECT sql query
    $sql = SELECT `user_longbio`, `user_id` FROM `user` WHERE `user_id`='10000' ;

  14. » JanMolendijk
    I run two different scripts for both i have an log-in system.
    But how can i make an register for two data-bases ?
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    ok thank you for the answer i gonna try some things

  15. » JanMolendijk
    I hope you could help me out with this problem

    include_once 'dbconnect.php';

    $query = mysqli_query( SELECT *...
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    You have to the object with the mysqli connection:
    $query = $conn->query( ... );
    $query = mysqli_query( ... , $conn);

  16. » JanMolendijk
    How can i give users an php webpage into a map on my server when they register ?
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    My explain is meight bit pity so i try again
    I found this script

    But now i wanna create an php file on my server
    with data when users...

  17. » JanMolendijk
    I wanna add text into an textarea where i have html code into the title but it does not show the whole html code into the textarea.
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    In <textarea> you not have to add data in value attribute, but between starting and ending tags.
    Try simple like this:
    Title: <textarea...

  18. » JanMolendijk
    I wanna Delete records from a database, but i want to choose what record i delete into an text-area with delete-button
    (i where able to find this...
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    You doing Great Work `thanks for the support`

    & also thanks to i have
    this Web-Site:

  19. » JanMolendijk
    First thing it stay`s an great website
    i learning alot & i`m thankfully.
    I getting this error & ask myself what is wrong
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    Welcome to this website.
    It seems you use an old php script, which uses the mysql_connect() function for working with mysql database.

  20. » JanMolendijk
    First great website i learning alot `thanks for this`

    My Question:
    I did not found an example how to add text into the SQLdatabase from a...
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    thanks for the quick answer you all do greatest work
    i gonna try this code hope i`m able to complete

  21. » Waylon
    I am using this script to insert data from a Form into a Database. I am new to PHP and trying to learn. However, after 3 days of banging my head...
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    A documentation complete about Strings and Quotes in php you can find to this page: PHP Strings (in the php manual from
    - Or, you can find...

  22. » mluci12
    Hello!i have this page: and database:
    Id | content | type
    How can i order database results after select ? First display...
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    I don't know.
    If there is a php-mysql issue, put the php and mysql code that you use to make and output Selecting data.

  23. » mluci12
    Please help me! I have this code but don't redirect to submit2.WHY?
    <!DOCTYPE html>
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    The code mysql_query($sql, $conn) is incorrect. Maybe the script it uses MySQLi; in this case you should put: $conn->query($sql) .

  24. » mluci12
    I have page: from to: from to submit5.html user complete...
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    If the second page is just a simple html document (without php code), to keep data from one page to another html page you can use JavaScript...

  25. » mluci12
    I created a blog but I have problem with Romanian characters:
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    I see no problem with characters in that page. The romanian characters, diacritics, are displayed well.
    Copied from that page: