Electric-wheeled Veelo is pulling for rollerbladers

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Electric-wheeled Veelo is pulling for rollerbladers

Although there are electric rollerblades and skateboards, sometimes people just want a temporary boost while using their existing non-electric set of wheels. That's why Veelo was invented.

smart windows solar cells wheeled veelo rollerbladers

Created by Canadian entrepreneur Brice Jamieson, Veelo is essentially a long stainless steel frame with a set of extendable handlebars at the back and a powered wheel at the front.

The wheel has a 20-inch rim, a 4-inch fat tire, and a brushless hub motor that delivers a top speed of 32 km/h. That motor is controlled by a throttle on the handlebars, where there's also a brake lever and an LED screen that displays data such as speed and battery charge level.
Power is provided by a frame-mounted lithium battery pack, that should reportedly be good for over 32 km per charge. A regenerative braking system helps in that regard.

Other features include front and rear LED lights (including turn indicators), plus a suspension system. An app is additionally in the works, which would augment the LED display while also allowing users to tweak the device's performance.

A pledge of CAD$1,300 (about $989) will get you one, when and if they reach production.