The licence for Chat Script

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The licence for Chat Script

Good Day my friend,

You don't actually stipulate any licence for PHP Script Chat and I want to add the script below to all of the php files I modified (Which are all of them) And want to know if you are happy with the GNU licence being added to them? Or would you prefer something else?

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* @package (c) CoursesWeb - Script Chat Simple < >
* @Modified February 2015 by Gnu Arcade Script Version.1.0
* @license GNU Public License

The chat script is free, you can use it and modify it freely.
You can add the GNU licence if you want.

Thank you MarPlo,

I never assume that just because something is free, one can do as one pleases with it. So it's a bonus that it is available as GNU, GPL. :)

I integrated it into a php arcade script I'm doing and I don't blame you for not supporting it, as I could imagine the questions you would get.

But if anyone else want an example of how to integrate it, I'll only be too willing to help if I can.

Last thing, while going through the scripts I noticed this nofallow in chatfuntions.js - line: 296/297

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bbcodeParser.addBBCode('[url]{URL}[/url]', '<a href="{URL}" title="link" target="_blank" rel="nofallow">{URL}</a>');
bbcodeParser.addBBCode('[url={URL}]{TEXT}[/url]', '<a href="{URL}" title="link" target="_blank" rel="nofallow">{TEXT}</a>');
I trust that, that is a 'typo' that needs to be corrected?

Other than that - Thanks again for another great script. :mrgreen:

I added "nofallow" because the links added by users in the chat room to not affect the page rank, it is just for SEO.
Anymay, it isn't important, so it can be removed.

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