General technical failures of banks.

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General technical failures of banks.

Plessant Coursesweb,

It often happens that banks have disruptions in money transactions.
It is often indicated that maintenance is being carried out.

Maybe during maintenance mistakes are made so that customers can no longer do anything with digital banking ?
I don`t because I have non sight on + the bank-corporations wont let known much details.

But with a backup and two systems linked, it does not matter whether maintenance is carried out + possible errors.

Please your vision on this.

your sincerely

My opinion is that banks have backup system with all its databases, including the transactions.
And if something happens and the customer notice something wrong, he /she can contact the bank support and the problem is quickly solved.

- It is good practice to keep a copy of the two last transactions you made.

Thanks for answering MarPlo.

But if eatch bank have three systems nothing could ever go wrong ?

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- Backup system.
- customers system.
- Working system.
Even about phising customers are often not guarantee that the money will be returned in case of mistakes.
But each transaction is traceable and retrievable at your own discretion ?

Liberal considerations to avoid Internet scams may need to be reconsidered.

Perhaps also modernize the freedom of telecom companies, the future calls for improvements and prevention of.
Couple of proposals: Digital passport
into your mobile phone, fixed IP
address + fixed email account.

Please some feedback + additions on those ?

I have no pertinent knowledge of those things.