Strange activity from IP-addresses

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Strange activity from IP-addresses

Hello coursesweb,

Yesturday I had strange activity`s from IP-addresses hosted in Netherlands Switserland Germany US & France.
This same activity`s I had one week before .

Normaly about strange activity`s I learnt from coursesweb that those are injections to try to steal databases this activity`s are still some-times going on but I found out what was wrong & how they enter.

Sometimes china &nd Russia do resonble try-outs for injection.
But what happend yesturday + a week before is mutch different It seems an whole organisation is trying to hack with I suppose using robots from I think different country`s.
It skips from one to another country ?

What can you tell me about it ????

Because when I contact the dutch service AIVD same kind off organisation like CIA they don`t give me any information.

I know that there are lots of bots that scan the IPs and websites trying to inject /steal data.
They can use proxy servers to hide their original location.
In the rest, I don't know much about server protection, better ask a specialist in network security.

Chef thanks for your support....

My politically statement is worldwide everyone
a unique IP address without proxy for complete security

Is this correct ????

Yes, I suppose it is correct.
Or, anyway it doesn't matter.

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