SSEP in a multilingual site

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SSEP in a multilingual site

I successfully installed SSEP in my site: Credit is given in the last line of the footer which acknowledges the resources used. I also managed to change the search page to better match the website's design.

I would like to collaborate providing the developers with a translated lang_es.txt file (Spanish) that you guys could incorporate in your offer as part of the templates folder.

Now I would like two ask you:

1) Since the site will be multilingual: , and SSEP is installed in the root, how can I use SSEP to help English-speaking visitors that will need a search functionality in English, not in Spanish as I implemented it ?
2) How can I inject or put the site's header in the search engine?

Thanks a lot,


1. In order to make the search according to an option, such as "en/" in the url addresses, several changes are required:
a) In the search form: radio buttons, or a hidden field with option for search .
b) In the php class from the "sitesearch.php" file: additional function to get the new added option and filter the results according to its value.

2. To modify the page template with the search results, edit /add html code in the file "search.htm" of the "ssep/templ/" directory.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I am not sure if I will be capable of doing the changes you suggest as my knowledge is limited, but I will try to, for sure.

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