Spatial Reality Display: Responsive, no-glasses 3D

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Spatial Reality Display: Responsive, no-glasses 3D

Sony has debuted a new kind of 3D monitor with its Spatial Reality Display, which tracks your eyes and shows a different dynamically-generated image for each eye to give you a small, single-viewer window into a three-dimensional world.

laptop 3d display spatial reality display

Sony's new creation, the ELF-SR1, is in line with the 3D dash displays we're starting to see in high-end cars. It uses a micro-optical lens over its 15.6-inch display to split an image into left-and right-eye perspectives. Then it uses a "high-speed vision sensor" to track your eye positions at millisecond frequency, so the display can generate a slightly different image for each.

The screen dynamically adapts the image in real time as you move around, allowing movements 25 degrees left and right, 20 degrees up and 40 degrees down at distances between 30-75 cm (12-30 in). And the effect is that you get a 3D image you can move around to get different views on.
It is good for filmmaking, game design, graphic design and engineering can all benefit from the ability to look at things from a dynamic and intuitive perspective. And certainly product design; anything where an end product can be previewed.

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